Posted by: thescoundrel | December 9, 2009

You Can Eat the Yellow Snow

I was reminiscing in my “Less Ordinary Christmas Songs” post about childhood memories brought on by the recent snowstorm. Where we lived when I was a very young kid there were no sidewalks to shovel, so snow was basically just a toy to play with.  To be honest it was also a regular winter treat where I originate from, especially since that region really did not offer much up for job opportunities. When you do not have money to spend on treats, you learn to make your own and making ice cream from snow was a fancy and delightful addition to your country meals like cornbread, beans and taters. So I googled “snow cream”, or as one site described it “yellow snow”, and came up with several different recipes for this childhood treat. I was not really planning on making any. I was just out to see what was on the Internet that matched my childhood memories. Plus, I am not sure how comfortable I would be eating snow falling from the skies of the Quad Cities! We do have enough industrial smog that I would be hesitant to make snow cream from even a heavy snowfall. I guess that is the difference of rising up an economic notch from barely surviving to being sandwiched somewhere between the poor and middle class levels – now I can normally afford to buy store bought ice cream when I  get the craving. But when you are poor – you just go out and brush off the top layers of that fresh snow and scoop into the pile of icy goodness without reaching the bottom and make yourself a special treat.



  1. I can remember making ice cream out of snow in the old wooden ice cream maker. I just didn’t like all the turns of the crank it took to make it. When it was done though all of it went pretty quick.

  2. LOL- sounds like you did it the tough way. When we made ice cream from snow, we pretty much used the recipe that was at the link. We just raked the snow into a bowl. Then we added milk/canned-milk (whichever we had available), sugar and imitation vanilla extract. Then we stirred it up and consumed it.

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