Posted by: thescoundrel | December 12, 2009

Political Dead Heat

A CNN poll has the Democrat and Republican parties in a statistical dead heat when it comes to whom the public thinks could do a better job of running the country. The poll showed 40% of those polled thought the Democrats would do a better job of running the country, while 39% thought the Republicans would do a better job. Personally I am underwhelmed by the efforts of both political parties.

The only bright spot I can forsee on the horizon,  is that maybe, with all the public animosity aimed at incumbents – perhaps we have seen the end of the Philobluster Hare era,  here in the 17th district of Illinois.  The only thing that could be better, would be an implosion of the Thuggish Rock Island Democratic Politburo and their decades old control and destruction of this district. Then perhaps we could get either a Democrat or a Republican Representative, that would actually represent the will of the people of this  district, instead of dancing as a political puppet for national politcal figures like Nancy Pelosi.  After decades of non-representation from Lane Evans and then Phil Hare, it would be a breath of fresh air to actually have a real person in the office. But I will not hold my breath – waiting for that to happen.



  1. If the GOP can’t get some “change” around here after the disaster of one party Democrat rule at the local, state and federal level, they deserve to go the way of the Whigs.

  2. I am in favor of a resurgence of the GOP in the area. The problem is the GOP in this area has all but abandoned the region and what is left has not displayed itself to be of any real threat to the RI Politburo. And the lemmings that tend to vote in the QC would vote in Josef Stalin if he put a Democrat bumper sticker on his Marxist uniform. Nor would I want a Republican in office serving national interests over local interests that was simply the parallel book end of Phil Hare. Yet my guess is that any reform will have to come from either a Republican Party candidate or an Independent candidate. As the tyrannical Rock Island Co. Democrat Politburo is not going to allow a reform candidate, that might challenge the status quo of kneeling before the Progressive Coastal Liberal Politburo, through the local Democrat rank and file of the 17th district.

  3. Maybe I’m being optimistic, but I see the fact that the Democrats are actually having a primary battle over Boland’s seat as a good sign that the iron fist of the Politburo may be loosening.

    In the past, Gianulius would have appointed someone to be The Guy, and everyone else would have been told to shut up, sit down and wait their turn.

    As it is, there is a nice variety (for once) on the Democrat side, from Politburo poster boy Lack, to the ultimate Dem insider, McNeil and moderate Dem Ahern, who I am voting for.

    It’s also a good sign that the idiotic and feckless local GOP is finally fielding some candidates at all levels of government to challenge the Politburo. I plan on voting for everyone of these insurgency candidates, even though I know they won’t all win. But even if only a few—or none do, that will be a start in breaking the Democrat hegemony.

    It has to start somewhere, sometime.

  4. Seems like its getting to the point that people don’t trust either party. Some feel it wouldn’t be much different if the Republicans got a majority this time around because Washington has gotten so out of touch with the citizens.
    In most elections people are just voting for what they feel is the lessor of two evils not the best person for the job.

  5. Cruiser I vote issues not faces. For the last several years that has me siding with Republicans more than Democrats. Though I still vote for some Democrats it seems more and more of them have sold off to Coastal Progressive Liberalism.

    Sadly the faces have all become covered by plastic masks to make it more difficult to tell when they are lying. My philosophy about politicians is if their mouths are open and their lips are moving – they are probably lying about something.

  6. cruiser,I’m not for complete GOP rule either. What I’m shooting for is divided government, which I think works best. Obviously, both parties are corrupt, but at least with divided government, there is some check on the opposition party excesses—although graft is a hallowed and cherished bipartisan tradition. 😉

    I don’t vote for party either, and I also don’t vote for “lesser of two evils”, since it only encourages them—if there is no “best man for the job”, I just don’t vote for that office.

    IMO, the TEA Party is an expression of voter anger at out-of-touch politicians, and my experience with the group is that it is bipartisan, and includes people who had never considered getting involved in the political process before now. It’s hard to say what effect it will have in ’10 and beyond, but at least people are getting motivated and mobilized and taking an active interest in what our political class is doing to us in our name.

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