Posted by: thescoundrel | December 12, 2009

Team Obama Progressive Teaching For US Children

Caution the following post contains adult oriented material and links to sites discussing adult oriented material.

Forget science, reading, writing and mathematics – hey teacher we don’t need no education. Because Team Obama has envisioned the future of progressive education for the children of the United States of America. And so Team Obama has placed their man in position to start nudging American children towards hope and change careers as porn stars. Team Obama was evidently impressed by Kevin Jennings previous work, where he was being paid over $200,000 a year as an executive director. Jennings and his organization went into school systems where they trained young teens in advanced sexual activity. I guess part of Team Obama’s style of Marxist indoctrination of this country, includes  pedophilic programming. I say this since Team Obama was impressed enough with Jennings teaching promiscuous sex philosophy to children, that they have made Sex Master Jennings the Obama’s School Czar- in charge of overseeing the safety and education of the children of the United States of America. The educational course of teaching sexual activities by the Jennings operated organization is certainly awe-inspiring and should assure US school children of the proper scholastic backgrounds for their futures in the porn industry. According to several Jim Hoft articles, some of Sex Master Jennings organization’s curriculum included 😯 –>

  • Rimming
  • Fisting (including the distribution of activity kits)
  • Spit or swallow
  • Anal sex
  • Water sports
  • Sex toys
  • Local gay bars
  • Tips about seeking sex in public parks

Wow – thanks to Team Obama – that next porn movie you, your friends, neighbors,  family etc.. pick up at the local XXX Video store could be starring your son or daughter performing the silent duck or doppelgänger manuevers. Thanks to Team Obama, perhaps you can watch your kids perform  golden shower or scat action! You won’t have to brag – because  you could actually show your family and neighbors what your kid learned in the Team Obama’s Progressive school system. Team Obama, changing the face of America by helping create a future in the porn industry for the children of the United States! Once more, Team Obama displays the pedigree of their plan for hope and change in the USA!

more Hoft on Jennings articles:



  1. OMG, you went—THERE!

    You’re a braver man than I am, S. 😀

  2. The shocking part is not that I went there – but that Team Obama placed this loon, who indoctrinates children into sexual bizzaro world, in charge of the US education system.

    What types of sex games adults choose to play are the business of the participants. But that does not give people like Jennings the right to attempt to play pied piper in the school systems, which families across the US have to rely on for educating their children. The school system was designed to offer children an education in order to advance themselves in society. They were not built for people like Jennings to operate some sick pedophilia operation to seduce children into alternative sexual lifestyles.

  3. I don’t know why this story hasn’t gotten more national play—or maybe I do.

    I admit I have not been able to go THERE and read all the nitty-gritty that Hoft and others have uncovered. I already knew the outline of the obscene facts (maybe I blogged about him, but there are so many presidential wackos, it’s hard to keep track), so I knew I REALLY didn’t want to go THERE.

    Breitbart is starting up several new “Big” sites, so let’s hope he (and his cohorts) will be able to get the exposure for this kind of story that the establishment media work so hard to suppress.

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