Posted by: thescoundrel | December 15, 2009

Illinois Politicians – Still 4 Sale

It looks like Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is going to get his Christmas Wish of selling off the safety of Illinois citizens for a few copper pennies. It is being reported that Team Obama member Eric Holder is set to finish the deal that would indefintely house about one hundred of the GITMO terrorists in the Thompson Illinois prison. I would like to say that I am surprised that the National and State level POS Illinois politicians, like Barack Obama-Dick Durbin-Phil Hare-Pat Quinn and all of the rest of the Democrat goon squads that have complete control of our State, would needlessly risk the safety of the citizens of the State of Illinois – but I am not. These are after all the same group of jackasses that sought to sell drivers licenses to illegal aliens in order to pay for their pet pork projects. They are part of the  same group of Illinois politicians that have driven this State towards the brink of bankruptcy. So when they sell off the safety of the people of this State in order to stuff a few copper pennies into their pockets – the only real question is how much personal gain through graft money are they making for their sell out. After the George Ryan and Rod Blagojevich tenures – one badly kept secret that was overtly exposed about Illinois politics, is that Illinois politicians are for sale. They ain’t always cheap, but they are for sale! And with the GITMO to Thompson terrorist move, they have sold us out again.



  1. With yesterday’s announcement of Quinn’s “secret prison releases”, it really fosters confidence in our political elites, doesn’t it?

    The magical thinking that if only these terrorists are removed from the hated Gitmo to the tranquil shores of the Mississippi, the world will love us again and all will be forgiven, is something only a Democrat could believe. I fully expect the entire human rights activist machine to set up shop in Thomson—but at least it will create jobs! 🙂

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