Posted by: thescoundrel | December 17, 2009

Global Warming – Power Play Politics – Fear Mongering and ConsPiracy

The Climate Gate scandal surrounding the Global Warming Fear Mongers attempts to suppress opposition – continues to grow.

Obama worshiping leftwing media and groups display US Tea Party protestors as violent radicals, despite the actual violence during their protests are coming from leftwing groups like another Obama brownshirt group – SEIU. Meanwhile the same leftwing media sources play down the widespread violence caused by leftwing groups at the climate talks taking place in Copenhagen. Despite the fact that hundreds of protestors have become violent and had to be arrested, CNN’s Phil Black called the protests “reasonably” low-level!

Prosperous and new industrial countries like China are demanding other leading industrial countries like the US pony up multiple billions of dollars to help them clean up their pollution. However they have no intent to really reduce their pollution.  While Team Obama officials are overseas seeking to give away those billions of taxpayer dollars that the US does not have to promote and prop-up the Global Warming scare.

Political friends and foes alike say for Team Obama to actually commit to a binding climate treaty -without first getting 2/3 Senate approval- would cause Obama to violate the US Constitution. Still it seems that Obama is looking for a way to circumvent the Constitution and sign a binding treaty.

Meanwhile former Minnesota Governor, Jesse “The Body” Ventura and friend of Al Gore, spent an hour on his new TRU TV show –Conspiracy Theory- revealing various suspicious individuals behind the global warming panic. Team Ventura talked with skeptics of Global Warming that confirmed the Climate Gate information about the harassing of individuals and squashing of information that conflicted with the pro Global Warming movement. One individual claimed he had gone in to hiding – for his personal safety. They also pointed fingers at a couple of United Nations officials that were behind the current scare tactics. One was a Canadian, Maurice Strong, whom has gone into hiding in China following his part in a past UN scandal. Supposedly Strong is also been helping the Chinese government profit from the carbon foot print scams that allow businesses to claim they are operating “Green”, while also being big time polluters of the environment. That sure makes sense of China’s grumbling and dodging proposals that they actually reduce their “carbon footprints”. Team Ventura went as far as suggesting that Strong is part of an even deeper ConsPiracy seeking global power by using the UN to bilk countries out of money with this global warming scare.

I do not know how much of the  “global warming” conspiracy is factual. I do believe that their is a lot of Cons-Piracy involved in the global warming scare tactics. I also believe “some” evidence displays there has probably been some global warming. However, I have not been presented with any evidence that makes me scream, “oh my, the sky is falling” and it is all mankind’s fault. Since Obama seems intent of tossing US money into this rattrap, I suggest Congress pass a resolution that allows Team Obama to offer each of the developing countries up to 100 US dollars to go towards their carbon footprint cleaning, plus a hearty atta-boy sucker to those that choose to commit to the Copenhagen global warming scare tactics.  That is dependent upon their ability to prove that they have met whatever goals the Copenhagen group decides is appropriate for all nations. However I see no reason for the US to currently commit to any treaty or conditions that hampers our economy and requires us to pay billions upon billions of dollars to other countries to cleanup their house. As I have said before – let them cleanup their own back yards.



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  2. All but the most devout climate change worshippers know all this is just a massive, global redistribution of wealth scam from rich countries to poor countries.

    We’ve been pouring $$$$ into Africa for generations in order to “eliminate” poverty and hunger, and the only people who ever benefited from our generosity were corrupt dictators and their thugocrats.

    And USA $$$$ devoted to “climate change” in Africa will be different how?

    Obama giving dollars to despots is just another gift to the GOP.

    Thank you Barry!

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  4. You got that right QCEx.

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