Posted by: thescoundrel | December 28, 2009

Al Qaida Stakes Claim for Terror Attack

The media is reporting that Al Qaida is staking claim for the failed terrorist attack on a US jet over the Christmas holiday. I guess the Obama campaign assertion that the radical Muslim World would love us once he became POTUS can now be officially added to the ever-growing False Prophet campaign promises of Barack Obama. They don’t love us any more than they did when Bush2 was POTUS or any other POTUS for that matter. Big surprise? Not! This terrorist incident makes me an even less of a fan of bringing GITMO terrorists to live in Thomson Prison.  It could be, that Barack Obama and his groupy followers in Illinois Politics, whom want to bring terrorists inside Illinois borders,  are even dumber than a box of rocks?



  1. interesting reading –>

  2. This has received zero attention, but the congressman for Thomson—no, it’s NOT Phil Hare, asked for and received a briefing by the DOD about the move to Thomson and was told by a senior official, Phillip Carter, that the moving detainees from Gitmo to Thomson would create an INCREASED security risk—yet our Democrat overlords continue to insist there is no risk.

    Dumb, dishonest—or both?


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