Posted by: thescoundrel | December 28, 2009

Brave New World – Compliments of Team Obama

Children of the United States may continue to suffer basic reading, writing and mathematic skills -that make them competitive in a global economy- but under the Team Obama administration, they can expect advanced pedophilia indoctrination in becoming pedophile victims and advanced porn star techniques. In another article about Obama “Safe?” School Czar, Kevin Jennings, author Jim Hoft exposes more information about Jennings past work with young school children. He posts a portion of an “educational” pamphlet that the Jennings managed organization had handed out to seventh graders. In it dildo/sex toy usage, tips on the sexual practice of rimming and instructions about how to inject themselves with sex changing hormones are included. At a time when kids are most vulnerable and should be playing with Barbie and Ken dolls -not sex toys, should be learning how to calculate math problems not advanced sexual deviancy practices and at an age where they are at the earliest stages of social interaction and easily confused by sexual predators, our “safe” school czar was busy indoctrinating the youth on how to become pedophile victims and future porn stars. Our mainstream media continue to ignore the story. They are all probably too busy interviewing top-level Team Obama/Kevin Jennings approved school advisors such as Heywood JaBlome, Harry Bush, Heywood Jafugger  and Ben Dover. The Team Obama Brave New World continues to march forward.



  1. It become evident that we should find a way to transform in usable energy the only resource that cannot be exhausted : stupidity. I finally start to understand why Obama is trying so hard to have bipartisan appeal. New energy resources.

  2. Gee Pierre, while Team Obama has proven to be a Marxist shill, other than his dumber than a box of rocks decision to needlessly move and house terrorists an hour from where I live, I would not find Obama a stupid individual. So, even if you had a way to extract and store the stupid pet tricks of his administration, I am not sure how much “actual” stupidity you could harvest. Now if you could find a way to extract, harvest and store the progressive hate and pretentiousness that drives the Obama administration – then you might have found yourself a cheap renewable energy source. Myself I am sticking with the bowl of chili option when it comes to cheap renewable energy resources.

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