Posted by: thescoundrel | December 28, 2009

The Heywood JaBlowme News Factor

Over the weekend one of the local newspapers – the Quad City Times – fell asleep at the wheel. While doing a feelgood article about feeding the needy –a good thing in this bloggers opinion- the reporter was given a lesson in humility, by someone eating at the location where the reporter was interviewing. For reasons known only to that individual, the person gave his name as “Heywood JaBlomie”. Now for most of us the unusual name would have caused red warning lights to start flashing in our heads and immediately suspect ourselves the victim of some practical joke. Evidently that was not the case for the Quad City Times reporter. Nor did it seem to send up any red flags with the Quad City Times photographer, the editing staff or printing staff. The story set on the Quad City Times web site for some time and even garnered several jokes from QC Times readers about the “Heywood Jablome” name before it was reworked, corrections made and even the original comments removed. It was a funny gag. Until you consider that these are our constitutionally protected watchdogs of business and government.

(QC Examiner has the low down on the original story.)

I do not know whether the reporter was inept, naïve, handed an assignment she was disinterested in or just too busy flashing winks at some possible love connection while doing this story. What happened to the normal checks and balances to assure accuracy in the story? And how does the Quad City Times – or any other media source- expect to be taken as serious news professionals when something like this makes it past all the moneymakers paid to make sure the reporter did her job correctly. Any real fault lies at the feet of those Big Chiefs. Which brings me to the rant of the day.

Where are our watchdogs? When a media team allows such an obvious poke-in-the-eye, as- hey would you blow me, to make it into print – you begin to understand how a well oiled propaganda machine, like Team Obama, can continue to easily slide their Marxist agenda into the mainstream of politics and business. Many of our watchdog media already worship Team Obama Marxism. And too many of the rest are just sleeping or hiding from White House sponsored attacks on the media, as the Team Obama Marxists keep implementing their agenda. Heck Team Obama has even had the audacity to use a Christmas ornament adorned with the picture of Communist China’s Chairman Mao Zedong as part of the White House Christmas trimming. I guess our watchdogs were to busy entertaining Ben Dover from the White House to take notice of communism rooting itself on the White House Christmas tree.



  1. You are exactly right—the news media is in full panic because they are bleeding readers/viewers and $$$$$, yet they refuse to address the root problem of the defections; bogus information and behaving like an advocacy group/propaganda arm for the DNC and their related causes/special interests (i.e. global warming).

    There have been many polls and surveys over the years and every one of them cites “lack of credibility” as the #1 problem with the press—yet they never change.

    It’s so much easier to just blame those pajama-wearing bloggers working out of their parent’s basements.

    PS: Thanks for the link!

  2. They all want the money and/or glory that goes with the job – but they do not want to do the work that justifies the job.

  3. Over on QCExaminers blog, her regular commenter – Bill- left a link to the unrevised QC Times Heywood Jablomie story. Hurray and a big thanks to Bill! I am including his link with this comment. Enjoy!

  4. That writer is not a rookie. She doesn’t even work in the building. She’s a part timer. She’s awful.

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