Posted by: thescoundrel | December 31, 2009

Illegal Immigrants Disappear from California Sanctuary City

Large amounts of sea lions, which for almost two decades had been clustered up on San Francisco docks, have mostly disappeared from within the city limits. This has many scientists and city officials puzzled as to the why and where they have disappeared. I have decided to point the finger at ACORN! It is my radical theory that ACORN workers, while probably attempting to use Chicago thug tactics- in an effort to register the Sea Lions to vote Democrat in the next elections, are behind the vanishing. This probably created increased tension among the sea lion population, as most, if not all, were illegal aliens inside the country without proper immigration papers. The ACORN created tension most likely scared them away from their dock dwellings and into hiding. The city of San Francisco has been long been known to be a sanctuary city stronghold for the sea lions – whom are notorious panhandlers living off visiting tourists and the taxpaying citizens of San Francisco. There has been no news about whether or not the sympathetic sanctuary city officials will run a comprehensive investigation into the possibility of illegal ACORN registration tactics in the incident – to see just how many sea lions they might have managed to register to vote. The situation makes me want to ask — Is this another in a long line of ACORN political indiscretions that government officials will turn a blind-eye towards?



  1. Speaking of immigrants, legal or otherwise, immigrant booster and local blogger, Dave Barrett a/k/a Moline Democratic Maverick a/k/a Democrat Dave, died Monday—he was only 58.

  2. Huh – I had not heard. It was just a few days ago I read about the death of the father of someone I know over on Cruisers blog. Sorry to hear that about Dave, also. I guess he must have went out swinging for illegal immigrants as his Sunday post was another feel good piece on immigration.

    I have been trying to place Dave since I started blogging. I am sure I have had to meet him one time or another, either at a Friends of Lane Evans to-do or through Dealer Marketing. I just don’t remember him. I worked in “The District” for five years and I got to know much of the Dealer Marketing work force and a great deal of their clients. I even had to get someone from the Sheraton hotel to call to get someone to tuck in one of the Dealer Mrkt. Management after I found him passed out at a terminal with his door wide open to the the late night District foot-traffic. Their clients are something else. They are used car dealers and salesmen from all around the nation. And every swarm would have horny guys come looking for me, expecting me to hook them up with local vices of booze and women. I would then point them out to the local bars and strip clubs. And every one of them were giddy while telling about how much money that they were going to fleece from their customers with the training the software company was offering.

  3. When I made my first comment here about DB, Akismet chucked me into moderation, and my first thought was WTF—Akismet is going rogue—again.

    Then I had to LOL because I realized DB was on your do not call/Spam Hell list too!

    DB used to be a rational liberal and I commented at his blog numerous times, but at some point he became unhinged so that anyone who disagreed with him was a “racist” “bigot” “homophobe”, etc. and I had to place him on the Spam Hell list.

    But still, though he might be on our Spam Hell list, I hope he rests in peace.

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