Posted by: thescoundrel | January 1, 2010


Having received the security report detailing the events and security lapses surrounding the attempted Christmas Day terrorist attack against US airline passengers, it is rumored that the US Congress and US President Barack Obama are set to release new security recommendations for the airline industries. This was decided after the administration upgraded the severity of the attack from “no problems with  security procedures” to “accidentally surviving an official incident of violence”.  After accessing my personal remote viewing resources I now understand that the US Congress will meet, to set up various bipartisan committees, in an effort to take an in-depth look at where airline security has failed and the various ways that the Democratic Congress  can blame George W Bush for those failures. These almost-psychic remote viewing resources are revealing that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have decided the immediate need for increased airline taxes to pay for a five-year congressional study that will determine what steps need to be taken to secure the US airline industry from further attacks. These Congressional studies will also determine the needed permanent tax increases that will be required to maintain the numerous Czars, administrative offices and labor forces that will form a Congressional Airline Security Task Force, by the end of the five-year study. This Task force will then have one week to evaluate and make determinations on what manpower,  policy, procedures and equipment that they and the  airline industry will need to follow-up and  protect future airline passengers from similar attacks. The Task Force will then turn over their recommendations to Congress. After securing more funds – the Senate and House will each form new committees to evaluate, debate and fine-tune final drafts of legislation to present to both houses of Congress. After both assemblies have debated and made acceptable amendments the two will meld their bills into one piece of legislation – for a final presentation to the House and Senate for final approval. After that piece of legislation has passed both houses, the legislation will be sent to the then Emperor for his final approval. My remote viewing resources also revealed to me, that President Obama has decided to use his executive order privilege to enhance passenger safety until Congress can get the new legislative measures drafted and paid for.  According to my almost psychic vision – by early spring of 2010, Obama create an executive order requiring all airline passengers to completely disrobe before boarding. Their clothing along with all luggage will be placed in a pup-trailer of netting that will accompany the flight – trailing at a safe distance behind the plane. Passengers may claim their clothing and luggage once they reach their destination. According to my resources, Obama will also make similar requirements of all train and bus passenger travel until further notice or Congress gets the final legislation passed and on his desk. Whew, all that almost psychic remote viewing has tired me.

Chick-a-Boom, Chick-a-Boom, Chick-a-Boom-Boom-Boom, don’t cha just love it?



  1. lol, I like that take on the problem. It’s just hard to believe this administration is still making it so easy to poke fun at them.

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