Posted by: thescoundrel | January 4, 2010

Shoot the Messenger

Sometimes the political news supports an ideology sometimes it doesn’t. There are several methods of dealing with news that puts you up against the ropes on defense. One is you can man-up, take the blows and wait for your opportunity to use the news to throw a counter-punch. A second method –which very much seemed like the George Bush method of handling bad press- cover-up, play rope-a-dope and hope the source of the attack runs out of energy before your defensive ability to absorb the blows crumbles. A third method, rarely seen in politics, is actually understanding what the poll says and correcting the problem. But what seems to be the preferred method of Team Obama that they first tried with Fox News- and are now attempting with Rasmussen Reports – is the tried and true Marxist method of “shoot/gag the messenger”. The shots went wild when Team Obama tried to sniper-shoot Fox News. I expect similar results with the Team Obama attacks on Rasmussen. Barack Obama has been in complete power less than a full year and a disturbing ideology has become apparent – when the news is unfavorable, Team Obama seeks to disparage and/or silence the media. It is a good thing for Team Obama that much of the press still worships at the False Prophets altar built from genuine Chicagoan counterfeit hope-and-change political substances.



  1. I’m sure you’ve seen the comment that it took Obama 4 days to respond to the Underwear Bomber attack, but only 4 hours to attack Dick Cheney for criticizing The Won.

    So typical—the entire WH is populated by nothing but hack political operatives—all they know is the spin/blame game—how lame.

  2. Very true.

    Have you angered the Akismet Gods? I keep finding your posts in the detention room. 😯

  3. Yeah, I couldn’t figure out why I got sent to detention on this one. What word sent Akismet into snit—was it Cheney, Obama—UNDERWEAR? 🙂

  4. You were correct about the reason the last post was sent into detention. I have no clue on the why concerning this last post landed there. Maybe there is a gremlin running loose inside the system.

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