Posted by: thescoundrel | January 9, 2010

Hare Brained Health Care

In an article over on QCOnline, they are reporting that our local political puppet-on-a-string, Congressman Phil Hare (D) said “he expects to support the compromise House-Senate health care bill — provided it is not paid for by taxing the middle class.” He also went on to say he plans to be briefed on the plan next week on the legislations final compromise between the House and the Senate.

Translation: I will do whatever (Hare’s Brain) Comrade Nancy Pelosi tells me to do. No real surprise there!

Sadly I do not see any question from the reporter asking Philobluster, how Philobluster can vote for a piece of legislation formed from over three thousand pages of non-monosyllabic text– that few have read and most will never read, including Phil.  The fact is that of the few that do finally read the bill – none of them will not understand what they are legislating into creation. It will take decades and a herd of lawyers to figure this mess out. Nope the Congress are all buying an expensive pig in a poke with public money because Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid say – just do it. Hare brained health care, the public is screwed.



  1. I loved the way Hare retreated from his previous positions:

    1. I will NEVER vote for a bill that does not have a public option

    2. Oh well, forget the public option, I will NEVER vote for a bill that taxes union health insurance plans

    3. Oh nevermind, “I’m not a ‘take your marbles and go home’ kind of guy”—

    —-who, as you pointed out, will vote for whatever Pelosi tells him to vote for. 🙂

    As for the local press, I gave up a long time ago expecting anything from them other than stenography—which leaves it up to people like us to fill in the blanks. 😉

  2. When news management has low expectations they get fast, quick and empty journalism.

  3. […] 1.  On health care, all previous statements by Hare are null and void because he’s not the kind to “take your marbles and go home”, so he will vote for whatever Nancy Pelosi tells him to vote for,  per Scoundrel. […]

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