Posted by: thescoundrel | January 11, 2010

Stimulus Fails to Produce

Here is a recently released big surprise: According to an AP study, all that huge sums of taxpayer supplied government stimulus money for road projects – did not help unemployment numbers! Of course the only individuals that should be surprised, are the lemmings following the pied piper tunes played Barack Obama and the Porkulus Worshipers. The opportunities for unemployed Joe and Jane working class citizen showing up at a construction site with their pick and shovel -hoping to get hired to fix your road- are minuscule at best. Those jobs are bid by companies that already have labor pools they choose from. Some are legal workers, some not so much legal.Worse yet – those jobs are very seasonal and the availability is tied to weather conditions.

My guess is that if you want to find the real benefactors from all that taxpayer road funds -you will have to explore numerous government bureaucracy paper trail mazes. My guess is that you will find that much of the money has or will wind up in the hands personal and political friends and family of the state and federal government bureaucrats hired with the money to spend the money on projects. For tips on how that smoke and mirror process works – the researchers might ask Barack Obama’s former Illinois political cohort – Rod Blagojevich. Now Blago is an Obama ally that could probably tell researchers just how to milk all that federal money to keep self, friends and family rolling is all that Porkulus money.

The article I linked to above did say that it looks like the stimulus money did help save some jobs. Of course it also stated that the legislation was so cluttered with provisions that it was impossible to tell what worked, to what extent anything worked and how to replicate any positives there might be hidden inside the bill. Gee you think maybe some Congressional earmarks and legislative bribes might have influenced that clutter, confusion and cost effects? 🙄 The article does not even go into the insane amount of money spent in the package to create non existent jobs and/or a handful of jobs that paid pennies to workers. If business’ had to spend the amount of money that Obama did -to create jobs – they would go out of business. Too much money is lost among government bureaucracy, when it starts to involve itself in business dealings and/or social programs. Now they want to hand out more stimulus money, plus many legislators are still pushing for a public option insurance program. Yikes! The government is too inefficient when it comes to spending money. There are just too many unchecked nepotism-founded fingers -in the government subsidy pie- to trust them to operate business and social programs efficiently.



  1. I hear the government is hiring. Obama must be thinking of the economy with the way government is growing in his adminstration. At least they have the problem figured out; when all else fails, blame Bush.

  2. There lays the problem – government jobs. Taxpayers pay for those jobs. Pus money supposed to be directed to needy or projects gets eaten up by legislators “creating government jobs” for friends and family. It is wrong.

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