Posted by: thescoundrel | January 20, 2010

Scott Brown – a Stranger in a Strange Land

The voters have spoken and for the first time -in a period that reaches back many years, to a time when my parents were still teenagers- a Republican has been elected to the represent the State of Massachusetts as a US Senator. Scott Brown must feel like a stranger in a strange land. I live in Illinois and do not know much about the man or what he represents. I do know he has stated that he wants to help stop the Frankenstein’s monster aka as Obamacare. That is a good thing. I would love to see health care reform. But what can be gleaned about the two possible versions of Obamacare; are that they are probably full of everything rotten, that Marxist Team Obama keeps saying they do not contain. I have been reading reaction to the election and there is a mixture of everything from hand-wringing from the left to whoops of joy from the Tea Party members. I was reading on the BBC where many of them are pissing blood because they see it as a US voter rejection of their False Prophet of Hope and Change – Barack Obama. Good, I hope it is. Nor do I care if the BBC whiners do not approve.  I do not tell them whom to elect and I expect the same consideration from them. They can go clean-up their own backyards.

My personal take on the election is, I think it brings back some sensibility to what have been Obama bullying attempts at creating foot-in-the-door opportunities for his Marxist visions. I have been saying for a longtime now – one party rule under either political party has been detrimental for the nation. I am hoping that the Tea Party movement will force both the Republican and Democrat Party to work more for the people than for Party interest. For too long both political parties erroneously shout -“mandate”- the moment they get elected. Neither party really listens to the voters. They instead -tell the voters what and how they should think. Polls have suggested that both parties should take the Tea Party movement seriously. I think the election also strengthens that idea. Republicans are just as unpopular as Democrats in public polls; yet, there is now an elected Republican in a very Democrat State. Perhaps the Tea Party movement can shock both parties back into a state of sensibility



  1. Great piece you wrote there. Any commentary about the state of Illinois being bankrupt as is being reported elsewhere?

  2. It will be interesting to see which wing of the Dem party will win the post-Brown debate.

    The leftwingers like Obama, Pelosi and netrooters want to press on and double down on Obamacare.

    More moderate Dems like Bayh and Webb—and Barney Frank!—want to put the brakes on.

    I’m with you on this:

    1. We need health care reform, we DON’T need Obamacare

    2. I hope the political class of BOTH parties wake up and listen to the people rather than to each other, their political paymasters and special interests

    There has been all this babbling about the “historic” Obama presidency, which centers on his race, but what is truly “historic”, at least to me, is that for the first time in my memory, a Kennedy isn’t in the US Senate.

    It will be interesting to see if the press, Democrats and elite Republicans continue to mock and deride the “teabaggers”.

  3. I agree qcexaminer. How about free market reforms? And no, I don’t mean the governments ideas about free markets!

    Special interests are not always evil though. Especially the ones formed to oppose the special interests that caused a particular problem. Nor would I want free expression throttled, even though I may disagree with the position (s) espoused.

    Please define “political paymasters” for me. If I organize for something to be done (More likely undone in my case) and the person elected actually does what they said that they would do? Would that make me a “political paymaster?”

    Also, are you a part of “The Examiners?”

    I post and comment on a regular basis with Anthony at Columbia Conservative Examiner, as well as Dan and Anthony in Denver and Cheyenne.

  4. Patrick, I am not part of the Examiner group—I am independent—and unpaid!

    By paymasters, I mean PACs and special interests that dominate some politician’s campaign funds.

    As the SCOTUS announced today in overturning parts of McCain-Feingold, it is a 1st amendment right for people, corporations, unions, special interests, etc. to freely contribute to political campaigns.

    When a politician is financed overwhelmingly by special interests and PACs rather than the people, that’s a bad thing because they vote the way their “paymasters” demand, rather than what the voters in their districts/states want.

  5. Reform within the parties might be slow, but replacing the old guard with those responsive to the Tea Party sentiment will move them in the right direction.

    In the Brown case, the RNC did support him quietly. But I believe most money was sent directly to the Brown campaign, as the rank and file still don’t trust the RNC with their money. Especially after the RNC backed the RINO in upstate NY, who turned around and endorsed the Democrat.

    Schilling could become a viable candidate, and could receive funds over the internet from areas where Tea Party folks have no viable choice of their own. Bloggers that were nationally active with Brown’s campaign will be looking for good candidates to support.

    Like Obama says … organize organize organize … and his far left congressmen are going to be outnumbered.

    Maybe all candidates should have to sign a Tea Party loyalty oath similar to the ideas Schilling wrote up. They sign on to at least ten principles (or whatever) and they get some sort of ethereal Tea Party approval.

  6. Okay, thanks qcexaminer, and I basically do agree with you.

    You nailed that one Bill. I sent a few bucks directly to the campaign via a link that GOA provided. The RNC, like the NRA gets no money from me any longer.

  7. Patrick – It should come as no surprise to the cash-strapped nature of the State of Illinois. They have been desperate for money for some time. They spend-spend-spend, tax-tax-tax yet also do their best to run off businesses. It was just last year they did their best to run off gunmakers. One local manufacturer skipped across stateline to Iowa. Over on QCExaminers blog she just mentioned their suggestion to tax botox treatments to raise money. Before Blago was impeached he and the Illinois COngress were trying to ram through a piece of legislation where illegal aliens could buy drivers licenses at a higher rate than actual citizens. They just raised the licenses plate costs. Yeah they are desperate for money. Mostly because they never met a legislative raise or pork project they could not justify. And the rest of us suffer for their greed.

  8. QCEx, Obama has already rolled out his Blame Bush rhetoric. Over on QCOnline Wooten placed the blame on Fox news. I think too Democrat and Republican politicians just do not get it. I have been saying this for a long time – I do not care if the whole lot got voted out. I laughed my ass off when I read that when in many cases the “Tea Party” candidate was getting better ratings than the major parties – yet, really there are no “Tea Party” candidates. Sounds like a good time for a viable third party like I have been bloggin for since I came online. Maybe the “Tea Party” could become a real third party. I read where Wooten used the slur “Tea Bagger” to describe them.

    Bill the facts are to get a nomination in either party you have to be willing to play follow the leader. I have no faith in fixing the current two-parties until we get a viable third party. Perhaps the Libertarian Party will step up or maybe the Tea Party movement will actually form a party, but until there is competition for Democrats and Republicans – the two parties will just change puppets.

  9. hey scoundrel …

    In many cases though, donors are giving directly to the candidate, to take some of the power from the RNC. The RNC takes conservatives for granted, and will run left of center candidates to try to capture the middle. In some areas there may be some reason to do that a little, but too often the donors don’t get what they expect.

    A third party now would just split the conservatives and give Democrats the win. I don’t see Schilling as a puppet, yet he is running as a Republican.

    If people get involved, they can choose their own candidates. In these more dire times, I hope more men like Schilling will rise up, take on the machine, and win popular “Tea Party support”. says …
    “These candidates made a verbal and written commitment to the Quincy Tea Party to support the conservative principles outlined in the groups document.”

    The fascist left managed to push their people to the front of the Democrat party, so the more popular Tea Party should be able to do the same, maybe even taking power in both parties.

  10. Bill I do not believe every candidate is a Phil Hare wannabe – looking to fatten the their calves from the teats of the US taxpayer. I think many candidates start out as caring citizens hoping to make a difference for those that have similar beliefs. But the reality of the system is those candidates have to work in the waist deep DC political slime. And that reality is – that person’s voice is only heard when they agree to caucus with one party or the other. And the puppet masters have the hold of those reins. And if you step out of line you get the Joe Lieberman treatment. Candidate and family feel the pressure from the DC insiders. They are bullied, bribed and threatened. It is tough to have any serious impact when the insiders do not let you play in the reindeer games.

  11. Scoundrel: I’m not all that up on politics in Illinois. Just what I’ve read of late,and from the old MSN NRA forum.

    To me,from what I’ve just read, it sounds a lot like how California was heading toward,and why I left there. In 1978 I might add.

    As for the Libertarians? I was an active member for years, and joined way back in 1980. In 2001, after the 9/11 attacks, the whack jobs took over the party and I quit. But? One never knows, perhaps some sanity will return, and they will once again become the party of principle that freedom loving people could get behind.

    A legitimate “Tea Party” would be all but impossible to get on a ballot. I know, I spent years working to get the Libertarians on the ballot in Colorado, where it was founded. And that was when Colorado was about as conservative a state that could be found. However, if enough people do get behind a movement along those lines the one thing that I learned was that there can be no compromise. None whatsoever… What happened was that the Republicans co-opted most of what the state Libertarians were pushing for at the time. (TABOR Amendment, and Shall Issue concealed carry.) Then,after winning support, gutted them both, and now both are being challenged…

    In any case, it would appear that you folks are dealing with an entrenched of group power mad people that are centered in Chicago but does have strong support elsewhere as well. It also appears that there are strong sentiments that want that to change, and I don’t mean obama style either.

    You folks might want to check out Afrocity’s blog, as she is from Chicago, a black woman, that is a recovering liberal, and very intelligent I might add.

    You are also welcome to post at my blog if you want to. I mostly deal with Bill of Rights Politics, and outdoors themes, but, I have been known to stray from the beaten path!

    Godspeed to all of you. Let Freedom Ring!

  12. Illinois is full of corrupt politicians from both major parties. We have one Republican Governor sitting Prison. My guess is that unless some “accident” happens to Blago he will soon join him. Neither is the first Illinois politician headed to jail. We have a long followed tradition of dirty politicians – most just never wind up getting prosecuted. If they every really did clean house they would have to add a special wing alongside the terrorists they want to house in Thomson Prison about 45 minutes from here.

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