Posted by: thescoundrel | January 25, 2010

Less Ordinary News – Hugo Chavez

In the news that mainstream media did not push over the weekend- Hollywood darling – Socialist leader of Venezuela Hugo Chavez closed more media outlets that criticized him. But he was not through making news with that action. Faced with a crumbling economy – Chavez wagged the dog to distract his citizenry from their troubles. It was not that long ago that he wagged the dog by firing up Venezuelans to be prepared for a US attack on his country. In his latest wag the dog episode Chavez has laid the fault of the earthquake in Haiti at the doorsteps of the USA. According to Chavez the USA has a fearsome earthquake machine that we loosed upon the Haitians. Yikes – and yet many in Hollywood and among Team Obama worship Hugo Chavez and his Socialist leadership! Ahh if only it were so that we did have an earthquake machine! We could use it on Chavez’s fat head and see if anything is actually inside.



  1. Who knows maybe Chavez is right again, but unfortunately, Chavez never said what the antichavez Spaniard ABC newspaper supposed he says, just because somebody in Vive TV reports about the pointing evidence in the eco-weapons development, and everybody copy and spread it, starting with ABC newspaper assuming that Chavez said so. If it’s a nonsense, let’s debate it why is not possible, then we will discover more than we imagine. What is true many pentagonian war boys dream whith that sweet possibility.

    RCTV and other channels declare themselves law offenders of the Venezuelan State for perpetuity. They just don’t bother about the law. And when the penalties arrive, they just run crying for liberty and freedom of speech, while they don’t allow others to express their own thoughts through RCTV’s screen. They even reject the authority of tribunals. So what is suppose to do to preserve the integrity of the law, where nobody is about the law and all are subject to the same terms. Why they pretend to be untouchables? Because they have godfathers outside.

  2. I have yet to see anything other than “wagging the dog” come from the Chavez administration. Unlike at least one quoted member of the Obama administration – I do not believe that real regime change has to come from the end of a gun barrel. Still that option might soon be all that is left for the Venezuelan people to rid themselves of the cancerous Chavez.

  3. How have the actions of Hugo Chavez effected the investment environment within Latin America? Commodities expert Robert Petrucci explains

  4. Didn’t know the forum rules allowed such brainlilt posts.

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