Posted by: thescoundrel | January 26, 2010

Hey Congress – Next Time Call Bill Shatner

According to a CBS article the US taxpayer was stuck with a price tag for over $400,000 for Congressional members two-day stay in Denmark for the Copenhagen Climate Summit. Yikes! 😯  It figured out to over $2000 a day per member for rooming, food, amenities and meeting space. Hmm, I do believe that is way over the normal per diem that Congress allows other government employees on official business. (And even more ridiculous when you compare the per diem allowed for US destinations.) Those costs do not take in to account the travel expenses incurred by the taxpayers for these Global Warming Cultists/legislators. Those costs run the price tag up over one million dollars. Anyone else, besides me, feel like projectile vomiting over this? Not very green of these Climate Green Cultists. Hey Congress I got two Words for you –> Namby Pamby! Next Time Try Priceline Negotiator!!! Maybe Bill Shatner can hook you the taxpayers up with a better deal. Here is an even better idea – play ET – and phone home! A Worldwide Video Conference should have been a lot greener and considerably less expensive for the US Taxpayer as you searched Uranus looking for Klingons. I think this Congressional junket rates right up there with all of Al Gore’s Global Warming Hypocrisies. I suppose Congress figures China can just put their junket/vacation on our tab.

One of the commentors over at Big Government brought up an interesting thought. Congress has been busy villyfying (and in my opinion justly so) the Banking Industry for their waste on hotel conventions following the big bailout. Yet here is Congress wasting money this countrry does not have for expensive hotel junkets. It is just more Congressional hypocrisy.


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