Posted by: thescoundrel | January 28, 2010

Obama – I Don’t Quit

On 01/27/10 Barack Obama televised what should have been his first State of the Union address as POTUS. Instead he opted for retreading his campaign speeches. What we got was more of his False Prophet hope and change rhetoric. His speech was an “all about me” and “what I want” Presidential moment. He pointed fingers at George Bush, Democrats and Republicans in  Congress for not acquiescing to his will and even wrongfully vilified the Supreme Court for a ruling he disagreed with. It translated -everybody else is responsible for Obama’s personal shortcomings. Much of his speech complained about everything that is bad in Washington DC politics.  Of course what his speech forgot to mention was – that he was  one of the main villains when it came to dirty Washington DC politics.  His speech was basically – doesn’t everybody know I am the most smartest person in the World and should pay attention to what I say, not what I do.

Perhaps one of his telling statements was – “I do not quit”–> translation: I am the playground bully and will push everybody around until I get my way on the political playground. Becoming proficient at being playground bully  is exactly the reason he brought Rabid Rahm Emanuel in to his cabinet.



  1. i went to the hockey game instead of listening to this. though i probably wouldn’t have paid attention anyways.

    but it does sound like the same old crap. i have been thoroughly disappointed in obama. i hope he doesn’t get re-elected in 3 years. though i also hope the republicans can put up a decent candidate and not some partisan hack like palin.

  2. I watched the speech until 9:00 and then switched to watch Leverage. I can see why people fall for the Obama spiel. Give him a teleprompter and he is a dynamic speaker. He is just the type of speaker to read bedtime stories to children. Which is pretty much what he did. For those gullible enough to believe in his fairy tales – he threw out a few political bones, all attached to fishing lines. The speech very much reminded me of the way he tried to get Obamacare through the Congress – bribery and extortion.

    I actually like Palin. She is no Einstein – but then a secret I learned a long time ago is that big brains do not always come with wisdom. If so I have few school friends that would be helping run the world instead of just staying one jump ahead of incarceration.

    I said this before the 2008 election and I will continue to repeat it until I see a different trend. To expect real candidates -at Major State or Federal levels- from the current two-party system is unrealistic. Probably the closest you will come to a real candidate is someone like Schilling who is running against Hare. And the only reason he is probably real is that the local Republican Party is in shambles and lacks leadership and sacrificial bodies. The system is rigged against “real” candidates, especially at the POTUS level. There are too many hoops to jump and too many potentates that a candidate must pledge allegiances to to have “real” candidates. And even if a “real” candidate makes to the Washington DC reindeer games, they have to play on the same fields with the insiders. And if the “real” candidates want to play with the other reindeer, they must face the gauntlet. And even if they are allowed to play – their will be personal costs. Just think of all the reindeer games being played to place and then keep Phil Hare sitting in Lane Evans seat. Then multiply those shenanigans -exponentially- the higher the office. I actually think most lower level politicians start out with good intention – for both parties. But the system eats up the innocent. They either become jaded out of survival or become cannibalized alive by their counterparts. But then that is no so different than any other cross-section of life.

  3. S, you touch on something I discovered after reading Palin’s book; she is not wired to be either POTUS or a POTUS candidate, for the very reasons you mentioned.

    In this country, we can’t handle that much “real”. 🙂

    I do believe she has a future in politics, but not as POTUS.

    As for O’s SOTU—just the same old, same old:

    1. Government is broken, but it can solve your problems

    2. Demanding bipartisanship while gleefully bashing GOPers and Bush

    3. Denoucing lobbyists, then meeting with them the next day

    4. Bashing banks but insisting they lend more money, while taxing the bejeebus out of them—which consumers will ultimately pay.

    etc. etc.

    I just don’t believe anything he says—he’s all show and no go—plus, he’s turning out to be quite the jerk—just what we need in an executive position—a duskier Donald Trump with better hair! 😀

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