Posted by: thescoundrel | February 1, 2010

Possible Obama Budget Busters

Barack Obama has revealed his 3.8 trillion dollar2011 budget and budget cuts to the public and Congress. After a closer examination of the proposed Obama budget,with my almost psychic remote viewing capabilities, it seems there are already some questionable requested expenditures among the lists of financial requests. Are they budget busters? 😉

Defense spending – funds for Michelle Obama to tour the country saying Broccoli good / Deep Fried Twinkies Bad

Security and entertainment – for Barack overnight weekends at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch while Michelle is touring

Defense spending – for a top secret bunker in order for Barack to hide his Twinkies and Little Debbie treats from Michelle and public eyes.

White House property improvements – a new pair of Hillary Clinton nut crackers

White House remodeling costs to Remove crayon writing of “Barack Slept Here” from the Lincoln Bedroom

Black Ops spending – To hire study group to rename the racially termed Black Ops programs

Publicity Expenditures- new government blog to be run by Team Obama extolling the works of Mao Tse Tung – titled Me and Mao, We’re Number One

Publicity expenditures- research regarding methods to censor Glenn Beck’s exposure of the Progressive itinerary

Publicity expenditures – To hire a Tom Bodett in order to make a video disk advertisement that will be forwarded to lobbyists letting them know despite all the Obama public rhetoric, the White House will still leave the lights on for entry by the backdoor.

Black Ops expenditures – invisible ink pen for adding amendments to legislation such as budget lists



  1. lol, I love it. His head goon is going to need some soap to wash his mouth out with too.

  2. Yeah Rham Emanuel is a real piece of work. I posted a link sometime back where it told how while a member of the Bill Clinton cabinet he sat in a meeting creating a Clinton enemy list. Then he would stab the name and say the person was a deadman. He sounds like a real loose cannon.

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