Posted by: thescoundrel | February 12, 2010

Strike A Pose Phil

On 02/11/2110 I was reading  articles on QC Online about local political figure John Gianulis’ death and  funeral. Whether you liked the man, or not, he was a major political chess piece in the Quad City region for a very longtime. Gianulis was also a major player in getting Rod Blagojevich elected as Governor of Illinois! The Quad Cities were treated to the expected barrage of media coverage of the before and after spectacle that occurs when an important dignitary passes away. As with any such pageant – among the real mourners – are mixed important political puppets, along with their lesser noted characters. The lesser billed players are seeking recognition – in hopes of being noticed as a potential marquee billing material. The star players of the show are seeking to cast their radiance around as proof that the region needs their light to nourish the fields. The Quad Cities was not disappointed – as pointed out by QCExaminer, current secondary cast members have been busy scrounging around with the local media  to create a new hierarchy. Plus one of our current leading men took time to cast his radiance for the media at the Gianulis funeral.  Local US Congressman Philobluster Hare took time at the funeral for a photo opportunity. In what  certainly looked like a very staged photo that accompanied the Dispatch/Argus article on the Gianulis funeral , Phil,  who owes his seat in the US Congress to the Gianulis bullying tactics–> was standing very noticeably all alone – not another mourner in sight- looking down solemnly at the dead body of his former puppet master, John  Gianulis. Strike a Pose – Phil, and he did! Phil has found a method to use Gianulis to promote the Phil Hare campaign even after Gianulis’ death! And the Dispatch/Argus gave him that free advertisement opportunity. Clearly some Mad Men were very busy at work somewhere during this exhibition .

On a personal note, I have not been blogging much of late. I have been fighting with a  previous health problem that looks like it is finally clearing up – again. So my  blogging presence  should start to return to more normal levels. Thanks for your continuing visits.



  1. Thanks for the linky-love—glad you’re back!

  2. Thanks! I doubt if I will be blogging full speed for awhile – as reading and/or being on the computer for lengthy times is straining on my good eye. Good thing the TV screen is 48”. 😉

  3. Welcome back!

  4. Thanks JW.

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