Posted by: thescoundrel | February 24, 2010

Bill Maher Speaks Again – America You are Stoopid

Once again, modern Progressive Liberal cheerleader, Bill Maher has went on Larry King Live to proclaim how he thinks Americans are stupid and incapable of understanding political legislation. Like Obama, Maher feels anyone against Obama legislation such as the Obamacare are just incapable of thinking for themselves. Maher suggests those Americans against Obamacare need to be forced into submission in order to worship the Obama Progressive Liberalism agenda. Maher’s elitism is truly representative of the extremist left wing factions of modern Progressive Liberalism. In a Bill Maher world those of us that disagree with the Marxist wannabe agenda of the extremist left –>should just all be hauled away to gulags and indoctrinated into Progressive Liberalism against our wills.  Even Obama seems to think all he needs to do is repackage the same publicly rejected legislative programs, like Obamacare,  by repainting them with Obama new-speak propaganda in order to make them acceptable. Like Maher, Team Obama thinks Americans are too stoopid and incapable of understanding his/their narcissistic leadership.



  1. Hard to believe that guy is still around. I find it humorous when these people can’t come up with any facts to argue their point so come up with the ‘our way or the highway’
    train of thought. I believe if he really wants to see stupid,
    he should look in the mirror.

  2. He is supposedly intelligent but he is part of the extreme left whose blinders only worship elitist progressive politicians whom spout elitist progressive propaganda. They hate the common man and spew chunks all over anyone that speaks out for conservative values. Many are all about eugenic programs and force feeding progressive legislation seeking to control non progressives starting in the school systems.

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