Posted by: thescoundrel | February 25, 2010

Bill Maher Channels – George Bernard Shaw

I have stated before that thanks to several comments by blog visitors hating on Glenn Beck – I started tuning in his show on Fox as often as possible. I found that he and I have similar opinions on many subjects.My last post on Bill Maher started me thinking about some recent Beck programing revolving about how he felt that the Progressive Liberal factions of the Democrat Party were the next evolution of Socialism. I see it as Amercanized Socialism. I was also reading an article by Andrew Marcus discussing Beck’s point of view and links between modern progressives and violence against humanity.  Whether or not Progressives are the next evolution of Socialism – many of the Progressive Liberal  leadership like Obama and the cheerleaders like Maher come across as Socialists in words and action. I have often stated I see Obama as a Marxist wannabe. I see Socialism as a negative, though I notice many of the Progressive movements supporters embrace the Socialist aspects of Progressive Liberalism. In fact one of Bill Mahers continuing statements on  Larry King live sounds as if he channels a famous Socialist, who like Barack Obama won a Nobel Prize – George Bernard Shaw. In one of  Shaw’s recorded Socialist rants (video link below) – like Bill Maher- he states that the the common workers were too ignorant and apathetic to vote intelligently. At the time Shaw was defending the eugenic ideology of killing off the weak, uneducated and deformed as they were holding society back. Modern Progressives have taken a step closer to realizing that eugenic philosophy with their abortion on demand agendas. Over on QCExaminers blog there was a discussion that evolved into about how Progressives like Illinois Congressman Phil Hare want to use Obamacare as a means to have government legally paying for abortions. That also makes me think back to all the heated discussions where the left was riding Sarah Palin about her death panel remarks. I said it then and I continue to say it now: the Obamacare public option idea is just another baby-step method, in which Progressives like Obama see it as furthering their eugenic philosophy, where the Government gets to decide who lives and who dies. Welcome to the further Progressive attempts to create Huxley’s “Brave New World” –>Where your children will be eugenically  predetermined and engineered as Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta or Epsilon!



  1. Every time I hear some global warming freak go on and on about how “the science is settled”, I always think about eugenics, which in its time
    was considered “settled science” and all the great thinkers, movers and shakers believed it was a scientific proven fact—just like phrenology, which was the “science” that believed a person’s skull shape was indicative of their mental faculties and character.

    Anyone who claims the “science is settled” on ANY matter, doesn’t know much about science.

    PS: Thanks for the linky love.

  2. It is unfortunate that someone like Glen Beck influences you. There is plenty of socialism locally. Do you want to give up the library? The golf courses and the Fitness Center? How about the city’s boat marina?
    All these are supported and paid for with tax dollars. Even the Casino is subsidized by the city. How many new businesses get tax breaks? Is this socialism. The armed forces are supported by tax dollars and run by the government. The farmers are subsidized otherwise you wouldn’t get cheap egg, milk or meat. But talk about feeding the hungry, clothing the homeless and shelter the homeless with tax dollars the people who love Glen Beck scream socialism. They paint President Obama with a Hitler mustache, and show their Christian charity by demanding we take America back. Back from where, and to where? Thank goodness we live in a free democracy so that socialism as defined by Beck flourishes.

  3. Your welcome QC, I always like to add links to similar discussions. Science is always changing. SCIENCE is a lot like history – what is accepted as “truth” depends on which groups are in vogue.

    And leftwingers were worried about Bush intruding in their lives via cell phone. 🙄 Read this link where the Obama Brave New World meets Big Brother Government is hard at work snooping into peoples lives–>

  4. Actually tacky I am excited to have been nudged into listening to Beck by liberal hate mongers. One thing I quickly learned after watching his show was many of those that are screaming about his program either do not watch it/get their interpretations of his show from others or do not listen to the messages he is saying. There are often things I disagree with Beck on when I listen to his show. But the one thing I do agree with his his distaste for Socialism. Now that is not to say that I am against government using programs that are social programs. There is a difference between Democratic Republican governments that offer social programs to their electorate and those that step over the line into bloated Big Government Socialistic forms of government. Which is what progressives in the Democrat and Republican Parties want to do with our government. That is something I like about Beck that most people do not get – he understands that the disease of Big Government Progressivism has infected both major political parties. And your statement claiming those of us whom object to Big Government Socialism are going to take away libraries is nothing more than leftist fear mongering. Coming from a farming background I understand the ideology of subsidies though I do not necessarily agree with them. And the only ones whom seek to stop being able to feed, cloth and house the needy are the Progressives whom seek to bankrupt the government with their Big Government ideology. There is not a government operated social program that helps the poor that is not on the verge of Bankruptcy. They are all close to bankruptcy because Big Government does not work. The money allotted to help the poor is too busy paying for friends and relatives of politicians, like Philoblusters, to have government jobs. I believe it was (D)Mario Cuomo who was part of a study several years back that showed it took $9 for the government to get $1 of help to the poor. That is way beyond mismanagement. Plus not only does the government do a crappy job of dispensing help to the poor – they make it difficult for Churches and philanthropic groups to offer the same. In fact DC just cost themselves help in placing and taking care of orphans, because the progressive liberals decided to try and force the Catholic Church to adopt kids to gays. The Church moved their operation out of DC over the dispute. As to the armed forces – creating a military to protect the citizens from aggressors is one of the actual jobs of the Federal government.

    The artistic renderings of Obama was to be expected. Lampooning the opposition has been a wide practice since the formation of our government. I suggest you research the Jefferson/John Adams exchanges. At one point Thomas Jefferson publicly characterized Adams as an hermaphrodite. So why does it surprise you that Obama as Hitler drawings have popped up? I do not remember seeing you blog complaints when it was widespread among those on the left doing the same to Bush2. Demonizing the opposition seems to have become part of the culture.

    And yes you should thank God you live in a free Democratic Republic that allows you to express your opinion. Sadly if you lived in a Socialist nation such as Venezuela – you are not allowed that type of freedom. Good old friend and vocally supported by many of the Progressive talking heads and fellow – Socialist Hugo Chavez – has been busy shutting down and using force against those that talk against his leadership. Oh and by the way socialism loving Hugo has been busy shutting down the golf course in his country. They are a non needed extravagance in his opinion. Come to think of it – not many well known golf courses in socialist nations and all their libraries are not into free speech books and/or authors either. Or maybe listen to some of the early fathers of Socialism like -George Bernard Shaw. His video up above is full of great socialist ideology. He was busy defending the practice of killing off those in society that were unworthy. Modern Progressives/Socialists have adopted abortion as their accepted form of eugenics. He felt Hitler’s idea of gassing unwanted people was the right thing to do. He only disagreed with the way Hitler selected his victims. Or perhaps a study of that great Socialist Mao Tse Tung -whom so many of Obamas people like to quote (quotes like- real change only comes from the barrel of a gun). You know Mao, that great Socialist whom killed off so many Chinese that we are not really sure just how many he killed. Or perhaps you prefer that great follower of Karl Marx – Joesph Stalin. He rivaled Mao for killing off his own people.

  5. […] untold misery and in the end will help fewer people than it can help. It is little more than a George Bernard Shaw heralded eugenics program in its infancy. We don’t need new fake bureaucracies but new ideas to fix the bureaucracy problems we already […]

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