Posted by: thescoundrel | February 26, 2010

Caution Good Old Boy Politics at Work

When someone politics that they have “close personal relationships” with Dick Durbin and our specially selected Congressman Phil Hare to accumulate pork- red flags should  pop up in front of  the media and voters eyes! Especially when you start talking elections and Phil Hare. After all Hare was originally selected by “good old boys” in an end around the voters to replace Lane Evans as Congressman of our district. Since then it has been reported the local Rock Island Democratic Politburo has used bully tactics and dirty politics to keep Hare from facing real competition. This fall will be the first time Hare has had to actually face an opponent since his presence was inflicted upon the 17th district of Illinois. And as noted over on Jonathan Wallaces  blog –> the Philobluster dirty tricks squad are already on duty. Questionable Illinois politics have long tendrils deep into both major political parties. That includes links running from the Chicago Daley Machine to convicted felon Tony Rezko to President Barack Obama to Dick Durbin to our local Rock Island Democratic Politburo. They are all linked together by former State Senator and Obama mentor -Emile Jones plus the late Godfather of Rock Island politics ,John Gianulis. Both of whom also had very close ties to impeached former Governor Rod Blagojevich. So it should come as no surprise, to anyone in neighboring Quincy that voted for a politician who claims they have a personal connection to Hare/Durbin – when reports begin to surface that Illinois/Chicago style corruption could be  hard at work in the region. Maybe Quincy should hang out a now entering Quincy sign that includes –>

Caution “Good Old Boy” backroom politics hard at work.



  1. Thanks for the plug. There is something about Illinois power politics that attracts the pathological…dirt throwers.

  2. It is not just Illinois. But in all fairness. as I replied to Tacky in my previous post, dirty politics is an American tradition dating as far back as Jefferson versus Adams. During that election cycle things were so nasty – the Jefferson camp started public rumors about Adams painting him as a hermaphrodite. We have just gotten better at it thanks to improved technology in media formats and a better educated public that has a high percentage of intelligent people capable of taking advantage of that enhanced technology.

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