Posted by: thescoundrel | March 2, 2010

Al Gore Guilty of Murder?

Al Goracle has been busy the last several years performing Global Warming Fear-Mongering. He has been busy predicting the end of the world. Many people have bought in to his message while many others whom disagree with Gore have been busy exposing the hypocrisy of his holiness the Goracle and his disciples. Yet in at least one case the Goracle’s end of the world prediction has come to fruition.  While Gore and many of his enablers have been raking in the cash spreading their doom and gloom the World has ceased to exist for one family that bought into Gores Chicken Little rhetoric. It seems that an Argentinian family created a global warming  suicide pact and all are now dead, except  a seven month old child that survived being shot in the back. Considering the illegality of  yelling fire in a crowded theater and the hysteria encountered following the one time Orson Wells “War of the Worlds” broadcast –   I guess under Law and Order definitions Al Gore is guilty of murder/manslaughter for inciting the crime of murder with his continued fear mongering. Where is a real  Jack McCoy when he is needed?


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