Posted by: thescoundrel | March 2, 2010

Who Are You and Do You Really Want to Know

theScoundrels results on the Nolan Chart

On Friday I was planning on blogging about the Nolan Chart that is used by some groups to help people  identify their political ideology. As often happens with a popular celebrity promoting a website – the Nolan Chart website was so busy- I was unable to log in until Sunday. I finally did get  logged in and took the fairly short  test. The results were somewhat surprising – though not a total shock.  The site breaks  your results into a four category graph that surrounds a Centrist graph-center.  The top section of the graph is charted as Progressive. The right side of the graph is charted for Conservative. The left side is charted as Liberal. The bottom section of the graph is charted as Statism.   After I took the test on the website I found links to a few other sites that used versions of the Nolan Chart and similar questions. The test  results were similar at each site I found.  The amount of questions was always short. The questions were multiple choice of choosing the answer that best described your opinion. And in some cases I found myself wavering between selections. In my opinion-  that is a weakness among multiple choice tests with questions that force you to select from only one answer. Some of the choices I only partly agreed with and in some choices I partly agree with more than one of the multiple choices. Still I thought the test was interesting and the final results were probably descriptive of my political ideology. I also liked that the test did not just lump you in as just Liberal or Conservative. So the question is – Who are you?  Do you take the test? Of course the real conundrum is – Do you really want to know?

My Nolan Chart test results were as follows –  Conservative Libertarian. The yellow point on the included image displays where I was located on the chart.

If you are soul-searching for political insight another website that might interest you is CiViCSCIENCE. It has a forum that offers up current events as well as Q&A on hot button topics. The site offers up questions about  multiple subjects and then rates your political leaning per subject. They use a combined score to display where your political leanings are located on a blue-purple-red color graph   from a center point between Liberal and Conservative. Most of my subjects I tested slightly right of center. A few topics I tested way right of center. And a couple of subjects I tested slightly left of center. My final score  put me kind of in a red tinged purple zone that was just right of center.



  1. This model is far more representative than the simple left-right continuum taught and used everywhere else.

  2. That is what I thought also. Conservative versus Liberal is very common when looking at how you define politics. But the kicker on this chart is the idea of adding Libertarian and Statism. It really looks at just how your Liberalism or Conservatism defines government. If you lean more towards being libertarian it means you do not like direct government interference when it comes to your politics. On the other hand if you lean more towards the statism in your answers then you are looking for a nanny state of Big Brother style government. Which is why I added my extra question in my post. The real conundrum is -Do you really want to know? My points are it is easy to rail against Big Brother government. It is an unpopular ideology that the mere mention send chills up most peoples spine. Yet how many people in both Liberal and Conservative camps cheer on all the nanny state legislation passed by their preferred representatives. The current leadership of Obaama-Pelosi-Reid are the worst group of Big Brother Government types we have ever had in office. You know when Bush was in office all the Liberals were wailing Big Brother about the loss of freedom when he was wiretapping terrorist connections. Yet they embrace the Big Brother Government of Obama because it fits their agenda.

  3. I tested out as a centrist conservative libertarian. I think that means I’m conflicted, or confused—or maybe I just have multiple personalities. 🙂

    Jonny’s right though—it’s a good test.

  4. LOL @ Muptiple personalities! That is what I thought after reading my civicscience numbers.

    On the Nolan Chart – I did not even consider I would land up in the libertarian column. Still from the location of my ratings mark it looks like I am on the fringes of both Libertarian and Conservative. I guess that makes me a fringe element! 😉

    On the civicscience tests I was all over the board. The most Conservative rating I received was a C100. That was on abortion. The most Liberal I scored was L14 on health care. My balanced rating was a C22 I believe.

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