Posted by: thescoundrel | March 3, 2010

Topless Bar Discriminates Against Bartender

In a case of stupid is – as stupid does, a “topless” bar in the State of New York fired a bartender for being pregnant. The result is the bar will be taken to court in a workers discrimination suit. In my opinion they should lose the lawsuit big-time. However all my opinion and a buck will get you, is the heart-attack contribution of your choice off the McDonald’s dollar menu.  What will happen in an actual court of law? Who knows?

The girl is a bartender not the stripper/dancer. I do not see how it will effect her ability to do her job to the best of her ability. Will some guys be turned off, maybe. But others will not. It would not surprise me if her tips actually increased. Okay in my younger years before I turned 29+ I have been known to spend time at the local Quad City strip clubs. We have a lot of strip clubs for a small community. So I do have a little personal experience to base my opinion on. In fact I saw two very noticeably pregnant women actually dancing on the local stages during earlier my clubbing years. One was at a local topless club. The other was at an all nude club. I did not see an exodus from either club when the young women took to the stage. The men and women at the clubs whistled and screamed just as much for them- as they did for any of the other dancers.  Plus they both seemed to be doing fine with the tip money. So if pregnant dancers can perform their job to the expectations of the club customers – I do not see how the NY club can claim how a bartender cannot do her job because she is pregnant. Pregnant women have been performing much harder labor than mixing a few drinks since the dawn of time. (Pun Intended!)



  1. Does Quincy have strip clubs. or topless bars? I’m a little surprised the QC has several, though my last locale had their share.

    But as one involved in a bar before, I can certainly see why a bar would suffer a little with a pregnant bartender. They may tip more out of sympathy, but they also may not show up as much if they were going to see a flirty and bodacious bartender.

    But the bigger point is that the small business owner should be able to decide whether to hire or fire on any basis that works for him. Letting the government in on control over firing or hiring is the road to hell … which we have already ventured down several miles.

    Government may decide that impaired and less competent workers must be given “equal opportunity employment”, but how many arbitrary conditions can be placed on hiring and firing? And pregnancy is a chosen condition with known outcomes.

  2. I tend to look at bartenders as I do most other working positions – I do not see pregnancy as a reason for dismissal. I can see where some industries might have a problem with such issues – but that is a lacl of foresight; such industries should consider written contracts that offer them appropriate options. I used to work for a company that had a bar and three restaurants and we never really had problems with our pregnant employees. Actually we seemed to have more staffing problems from some of the ladies that like to use their monthly as a reason to skip work.

    You will have to forgive my ignorance – but since I no longer work for a company whose clientele expect someone versed in the local adult entertainment scene – my knowledge of current clubs is not what it used to be. I do not remember any clubs in Quincy. Is not Gulfport Il./Burlington Iowa close to Quincy? There used to be several run down topless bars located in the Gulfport area. There were also driving-distance strip clubs in Galesburg, Creve Coeur and Peoria operating. There was one in Peoria called Big Al’s that made national television headlines. There are several here in the Quad Cities. I used to be more familiar with them as I went to college back in the 90’s with some of the dancers. They were using the clubs to get through school, They made a much better wage for working/dancing a few weekend hours – than I was working full-time third-shift security in the RI District. I can no longer be sure of the who’s-who & what’s-what of the local scene but I do still keep in touch with some of the people. I have even run into a few former dancers that managed to train for and secure nurses and therapist jobs – paid for with money earned at the clubs. The last I knew for sure there was two topless clubs in Rock Island on the Illinois side. They were struggling-last I knew- as Illinois has been rough on the club scene. There was one club that closed back in the 90’s in Rock Island. There was two clubs in East Moline – I believe both were closed while I was still in college. Last I knew Davenport has one topless club the Chorus Line – which closed and according to the QCTimes is now fighting with the city to reopen under new ownership. There is a full nude juice bar in Davenport called “Amsterdam”, that originally opened several years ago under the name of “The Links”.There is another full nude juice bar in Davenport called Tuxedos off of west 53rd st. In the 80’s it used to be a topless bar located on the outskirts of Davenport past Credit Island. There is also a full nude juice bar on the outskirts of Davenport near an I-80 truck-stop – called Daisy Dooks. I had a friend that has since moved who was part of their original management staff. Their is also a full nude juice bar located in Mt Joy near the Davenport Airport – now called Northern Xposure. When I was familiar with the club it was called Southern Comfort and I was told it was also called the Nashville Draft House before that. Plus there is a strip club just south of Dubuque and some in Cedar Rapids. It is just crazy how many strip clubs are/or have been located in the Quad City region. I have always found it hard to believe that so many clubs could operate in such a small region.

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