Posted by: thescoundrel | March 5, 2010

John Edwards Falling Star Continues Plummet Towards Earth

Over the last decade lawyer and pretty boy politician, John Edwards was ever so close to being part of a very short list of US Citizens that could call the White House his or her home and workplace. In fact, the last couple of presidential elections he had a large following of supporters seeking to make him President of the United States of America. And though he quickly rose to become a major player in US politics – his fall from grace was even quicker. A man who was once sprinting towards the presidency -managed to get tangled in a personal web  created through infidelity, lies, public subterfuge and possible misuse of campaign funds. He even went as far as to publicly deny his own child. The once upon a rising star of politics now wears the Scarlet Brand for committing adultery.  His shame is increased even more – because his cancer stricken wife was busy sacrificing her health on the campaign trail to get him elected, while he was having an affair with another woman. The National Enquirer, the same media source that helped expose Edwards web of deceit, is now reporting that Edwards is about to be indicted on federal charges over misuse of campaign finances in order to steer money towards his mistress. Even more embarrassing for Edwards – the media is reporting that his estranged wife could wind up being a key witness against him at trial. The body blows just keep on coming for the former political golden boy. And hopefully every strike leaves a glaring scar to remind him of his many cruel transgressions.



  1. Whenever some leftwinger goes into a frothing frenzy about what a disaster Sarah Palin would be as VPOTUS, I just think about John Edwards—and smirk. 🙂

  2. Edwards would have been exposed earlier, but he was helpful in splitting the Clinton vote, which helped Obamassiah.

    And Edwards isn’t falling to earth … he went underground long ago … when you find yourself in a hole .. quit digging. But Edwards dug his grave long ago. He was just kept on life support as a useful idiot.

  3. It is scary how many people support/ed this guy- that also scream “Bush Lied” as a rallying cry.

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