Posted by: thescoundrel | March 8, 2010

The One Last Kiss Chapter

During the 2008 US elections the Obama/Biden campaign storyline was – Bush = Bad, Obama/Biden = Good – so don’t vote for McCain. Perhaps the silliest part of the campaign rhetoric was that no matter who the voters selected – they could not choose Bush. He wasn’t on the ballot, nor could he be legally included. Another part of the Obama campaign rhetoric included – his disciples spinning tales that Bush was the real reason radical Muslims hated the US and once Obama was elected  -all would be right with the world and radical Muslims would then love US longtime. And yes, there were people stupid enough to believe the Obama campaign spiel. Well we are well in  to the second year of the Obama administration and all those Radical Muslims still  don’t love us. Nor are they going to love us. The campaign rhetoric was that the Muslim Worlds would welc0me the US with open arms – under an Obama administration. Yet in fact the radical Muslims still very much want to kill us, just as bad as they wanted to kill us under the Bush administration. (Just as they did when the US was led by the Clintons, Bush1, Reagan, Carter etc…) In fact under the so called Muslim-friendly Obama administration the radicals are calling for fellow Muslims to attack the US on our own soil. Plus the Obama Administration’s ability to communicate with Iran has done so well, that Iranian leadership has advanced from denying the WWII Hitler Holocaust against the Jews, to now include  denying the 9-11 Muslim attacks on the US. It sounds like Iranian leadership must belong to the 9-11 truther movement, like Obama’s friend and former Socialist advisor- Van Jones. I guess when the  Obama/Biden acolytes  were creating their campaign fairytales, they forgot to include the One Last Kiss chapter. In that chapter when the radical Muslims  welcome us with open arms – they would still be wearing their explosive bomb jackets.

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