Posted by: thescoundrel | March 9, 2010

Massa Resigns – Claims Pressured Over Obamacare

Democrat Congressman Eric Massa seems to be tossing out excuses  – about why he resigned from congressional seat. We may never know the full extent of his reasoning. He does sound rattled and running scared. Facing cancer -which is one of his stated reasons for leaving-  will certainly do that. Another thing will do that is facing mobster tactics – which is another of his stated reasons for leaving. The mobster tactics are not coming from an outside source, but from the Obama White House and his fellow Congressmen. Evidently Massa is guilty of making dirty jokes. And according to him, the heavy hand of Congress has launched an ethics investigation on Massa that is actually all about his refusal to bow to White House pressure to vote for Obamacare. Maybe the man is guilty of something, maybe not. Still, considering the  more serious, yet turtle-paced ethics violation investigations against longtime legislator Charlie Rangel. And that Rangel does not seem to be receiving similar to Massa, the Congressional excommunication treatment-   the quickness of any possible investigation into Massa makes all the investigations smelly. Plus there has evidently been controversy between the Obama White House and Massa since his election. It also seems that not long after Massa’s election- Obama attack dog, Rham Emanuel accosted Massa while he was taking a shower. Those types of confrontations are usually intentional mobster like attempts to bully another person when they are vulnerable. Emanuel was a similar loose canon during the Clinton years – at one point stabbing a fork into a table screaming death to various Clinton foes. That Rham “Frank Nitti”  Emanuel should use such mobster tactics – should be of no surprise to anyone. He is after all an Illinois politician. Just like his federal  boss  Barack Obama, and other political allies Emil Jones, Rod Blagojevich, Tony Rezko etc… they all have connections to Chicago and the “Scarface” Richard Daley Democrat Machine.  They birthed and nurtured their political careers among the Chicago Style Politics. And in Chicago – thug politics has been the rule of thumb since the Al Capone days. So I am not surprised that Massa seems rattled and just wants out of the Obama/ Chicago Thug Style government now running rampant in Washington DC. It is tough enough fighting cancer- even without having to take a shower in fear of being accosted for not kissing the buttocks of White House Political Thugs.


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