Posted by: thescoundrel | March 12, 2010

Obamacare – Ideology over Reform

Damn the torpedoes – full speed ahead- hope for friendly survivors! That now seems to have become Team Obama’s solution to health care reform. The Team Obama attitude about health care objectives and content has been narcissistic from the very beginning. The fruits of their labor has been two unpopular gargantuan pieces of Frankenstein legislation. It is Legislation that not one citizen or legislator can truly say they know what is contained in the documents. The reality is that whatever the finished product turns out to be – it will take years to unravel the legal  definitions and ramifications.

Despite having overwhelming friendly Democrat majorities in both houses of Congress – the main Team Obama complaint for a continued failure in creating reform – has been blame the Republicans! That has worked to deceive the hardcore Obama disciples. To gather support from all other sections of society Team Obama has been busy putting on a Big Top Extravaganza made up  of several smoke and mirror shows. The problem for Team Obama has been that ever so often a strong gust of wind has separated the smoke and the Team Obama subterfuge is exposed.

The Team Obama mantra, whenever one of their lies has been exposed, is to claim that USAmerican Citizens are just incapable of understanding the wonderful creation that they are trying to create for them. The next step is to return to the original blame game of claiming that either Republican or Tea Party members are spreading lies about the Team Obama health care reform – aka,  Obamacare. What has been uncovered about the documents displays a Team Obama willingness to sacrifice health care reform over ideology. When it was suggested that there was “death panels” included in the proposed legislation- Team Obama denied it.  Yet weeks ago it was finally admitted that under this legislation people will have to face government panels to determine – who gets to live and who gets to die when treatment is expensive. That was just the first of several Team Obama lies they were caught in.

The most recent is – despite months of denying that changing federal restrictions on paying for abortions with government money would be part of the legislation: now Team Obama has shown it was lying on that issue also. The Pro Life Democrats in the house had voted to include the federal restrictions on abortion language in the health care legislation – the Senate struck out the  language in their final bill. Now Obama and  the Senate are demanding that the House pass the Senate version of Obamacare legislation on abortion, as is -then  trust them to make an after-the-fact compromise. Right – 🙄 – that is because politicians are so truthful and keep their word. Not!  Basically Team Obama sees a foot in the door opportunity to legalize federally paid for abortions. Team Obama is willing to risk the reality of health care reform that lies in their grasp because – just like with the “death panels”  they are willing to push their foot in the door abortion Obamacare  ideology over reform. No surprise there – Obamacare has never really been about health care reform .

I have said from the beginning that Obamacare has been all about the Progressive movement pushing their Marxist ideology in the form of health care reform. Team Obama has had numerous chances to pass health care reform from early on in his Presidency. But Obama and his disciples have balked and blamed everyone else for the Congress’ continued failure to advance past go. I said early on all he really had to do was listen to the people and those that were speaking out about the problems they saw in Obamacare. Instead he lied about the content, played the blame game and at every turn Team Obama has pushed ideology over real reform. Which is what Obamacare has been about from the beginning- Ideology over real Health Care Reform.



  1. Great post. What I think about this mess can be summed up in one sentence-
    Even my spell check thinks Pelosi and Obama are wrong!

  2. While I agree that ideology is in play here, I’m beginning to think there is something else going on like mass insanity.

    Today on the GOP’s radio address, Scott Brown characterized the Dems quest for health care “reform” as bitter, destructive and endless.

    There has never been a piece of legislation this massive and important passed along strict party
    line using every gimmick and trick in the book and out of the book, yet the Dems persist in their blind quest for what—-annihilation?

    Very bizarre.

  3. Thanks Cruiser. The sad part is that spellcheckers are more logical than people – so they do not fall for phony hope and change rhetoric.

  4. I think Team Obama sees the passage of the legislation as a big win even if they lose big time at the next couple of election cycles. They see themselves as the next Team FDR. If they do manage to pass it they know it is a directional turn that favors their agendas. They are willing to take voting losses. As I talked in my earlier rants about Obamacare they are like drug pushers. Once they get you hooked in the system – there is practically no way out.

    The thing about our current two party system is that total self-destruction is next to impossible. Third party candidates are effectively boxed out of most competition because of restrictive application, ballot an various campaign laws/regulations. And when there are but two real choices – no matter how bad one of the parties mess up -the party in favor will eventually screw the pooch, which opens the door back up for the other party.

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