Posted by: thescoundrel | March 15, 2010

Silvis Stabbing

Silvis, Illinois is truly a one- stoplight town. There are some members of my family that have lived there for over a decade. My family used to take kids up to play at Schadt Park in Silvis. I still know of family friends/kids that play and/or walk that region of town. Yet just days ago there was a fight in that park, that ended with one man getting stabbed fourteen times. It would sound crazy except that for several years now the city seems to have been surrendering to criminals and violence. This was just the most recent violence. The stupidity used to only be found downtown among the feeling bullet-proof drunks, around closing time at the various bars. It has now moved out into public places like the parks. For whatever reason the police and the city government seem to be ignoring it – just like they do the several well known drug houses that stain the landscape. It makes you wonder if the gang fights at last falls city festival and this more recent stabbing in a park where kids play will cause the city government to do something? Probably not – as they seem to show a surprised face everytime someone brings up the drug house problems. I have heard of some of the residents in those areas suggesting civilian patrols. Perhaps it is something they should seriously consider before the violence escalates even more.



  1. Take this for what it’s worth, but according to my hairdresser who is originally from Chicago, ever since they closed the prison in Joliet and moved a bunch of the homies to EM, the Chicago gang crowd has made EM/Silvis their new ‘hood.

    She says she’s too frightened to drive down 84 through EM/Silvis and instead takes the Interstate around the downtowns.

    Since I’m rash and foolhardy, I just buzz down 84, but I do keep my doors locked and my windows up. 🙂

  2. I haven’t been to Silvis for a while but it sure sounds like it changed. The city should take these fights very seriously before they get out of hand. If it gets too out of hand the
    police get overwhelmed.

  3. If what I was told by a local druggie is true the local constabulary has a member protecting the interests of some of the pushers. It is hard to tell when trying to ascertain the difference between the reality and fiction of a druggie. It could be true or not. It could even be a plant. I know of at least one instance where a local branch of the FED was intentionally protecting one druggie because he was feeding them information.

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