Posted by: thescoundrel | March 19, 2010

Obamacare- Con Artists At Work

Confusion is a tried and true method to bypass defensive security. In a Hail-Mary-Pass effort to pass Obamacare -the self-professed democrat party of” truth and transparency” are busy using a shell game to pass health care legislation. John Fund of the Wall Street Journal titled his article describing the democrat party’s attempts to pass Obamacare –> Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Vote, Don’t Debate. That fairly well describes the various legislative methods being used by Team Obama in an attempt to pass Obamacare, against the overwhelming wishes of the public. They have dumped the idea of legislative action in favor of con games. The process is a game of confusion Team Obama is playing very well.  The real idea is to keep the legislative content of Obamacare hidden from the public among dark shadows, while they use Chicago strongarm tactics to obtain enough legislative votes to force the legislation through, by whatever ruthless Machiavellian means they deem necessary. Considering the 2000+ page bill is still an unfinished product that will not be read(or even understood) by those voting on it – creating confusion should not be a difficult job for Team Obama.



  1. At times like these I have to wonder how many more people are missing Bush. Regardless of what they do about the bill a lot of them won’t get re-elected.

  2. I think Bush made some major screw-ups -every president does- but for the most part he did his job –> protect the country from outside threats. I have questioned Obama from early on during his campaign. It was evident he was just just telling the mindless what they wanted to hear in order to seduce their trust. The only question was why? But it did not take in loing during his campaign for Progressive/Marxist agenda to expose itself. It was in his words. Now it becomes a question of weathering his attack on constitution he has proclaimed that he wishes to change.

  3. Speaking of “missing Bush”, Obama now has a 43% “strongly disapprove” rating after only 14 months in office—it took GWB two terms, two wars and a major recession to get his numbers that low during the last month of his presidency—January 2009.

  4. “You know, it’s hard to believe President Obama has now been in office for a year. Isn’t that amazing? It’s a year. And you know, it’s incredible. He took something that was in terrible, terrible shape, and he brought it back from the brink of disaster: The Republican party.” -Jay Leno

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