Posted by: thescoundrel | March 21, 2010

The Silent Media

On March 21, 2010 I unrolled my Sunday morning Quad City  Dispatch/Argus newspaper to view the following (and only) three stories on the front page:

  • Obama rallies Dems –> an AP story discussing President Obama’s rally call to pass his Obamacare legislation.
  • 100-pound ‘Black Widow” wins catfish-eating contest –> a hard hitting 🙄 inside look at the the winners of Saturday’s local catfish eating contest.
  • ‘Help! Police – Isn’t’ this Wonderful?’ –> a discussion of a 1949 panty raid at Augustana College.

I continued searching the newspaper; hoping to find information concerning the  huge Saturday protest by the Tea Party in Washington letting Congress know that an overwhelming majority of  we-the-people are unhappy about the Chicago thuggery being used to pass Obamacare. I could not find one article in the newspaper talking about or interviewing the estimated tens-of-thousands that showed up to protest Obamacare. I did find that they had managed to allocate space to Quad-City Hatemeister Don Wooten to spew his continued  bigotry towards the Tea Party. So I signed in to the Internet and logged on to D/A Quad-City Online to see what they had on the rally. Nothing! They did have a link to a story- that reported a couple of loser individuals at the rally managed to use some bigotry speech.But not one single link to a story about the majority of the American citizens using their right to protest the modern-day Frankenstein creation called the Obamacare legislation. So I googled the rally and once again next to nothing about the rally except the eager Tea Party bashing mainstream media shocked that someone in the crowd was reported to have used racial slurs. In fact there was not one Mainstream media story listed in the google search that spoke towards the actual protest and the thousands of normal everyday citizens expressing their discontent. I did find several mainstream media stories that followed the anti-war protest. But they all seemed to misss the alrgest protest happening in Washington DC on Saturday. I have seen several unofficial estimations of the crowd that place it between ten thousand to upwards of forty thousand people. But the huge crowd (and people they represent), expressing a dissatisfaction with Obamacare that is shared by over 50% of US Citizens, was evidently to insignificant for mainstream media to cover.  Fortunately it was covered by several of the non-traditional media  sources on the Internet. A big thank you is owed to those sources that did manage to cover the protest. They picked up where the mainstream media has once again fallen down on the job! You have to wonder why the USAmerican Citizens have to rely on less traditional media sources for news when the message is not pro-Obama! It has become a sad day for the mainstream media when you find more hard-hitting news in the National Enquirer than in your daily newspaper. And they wonder why people think newspapers are dying!



  1. Late in the day … you make good points … BUT

    please give me more paragraphs … slow people like me need many separate paragraphs, especially after beer. 🙂

    Someone advised me on that point a few years ago, and I think it made me moderately more comprehensible.

    I think you have five paragraphs there … and though I think maybe the Bible was written in running text originally…. paragraphs help me.

    The media does indeed suck … they seem to want to party like it is 1929 … in Germany.

    But thankfully Obama will fix it all … praise Obama …

  2. S, today on the front page of The Dispatch is an AP article + photograph of a protest held yesterday headlined: “Tens Of Thousands Rally For Immigration Reform”.

    It appears our fair and balanced press has a list of approved protesters and another list of protesters who aren’t worth mentioning. 🙂

  3. Yeah QCEx the media has did everything they could to ignore the Tea Party protest except where they could find away to disparage the movement. On the other hand they have rallied the troops to promote the protesters espousing Obama’s leftist ideology. 😦

    Bill I have no doubt that Team Obama is all out to “fix” the media. That is why Obama has filled his administration with Hugo Chaves/ Chairman Mao worshipers.

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