Posted by: thescoundrel | March 24, 2010

Bart Stupak Sells out Babies for less than $1

They say there is no honor among thieves. Well if there is a faction of society with even less honor it would be the birds of a feather – lawyers and politicians.  The recent Chicago thuggery used by Team Obama to pass Obamacare was a prime example of that notion. Bribery and extortion tactics seemed to be the standard operating procedure, for the Team Obama administration that ran a 2008 election campaign of hope, change and cleaning up Washington DC politics. One group of Democrat congressman, led by Bart Stupak, claimed to be taking the moral high ground against Obamacare unless Team Obama included language to protect current laws against federally funded abortions. When the final votes were tallied – Stupak had led his group, that had  pledged to protect the rights of unborn children, in to supporting Obamacare. According to Stupak, his vote for Obamacare was because  Obama promised to issue a Presidential Executive Order directing the legislation towards  protecting the rights of unborn children. Strangely, after the vote- even Stupak admitted that the Executive Order was not much more than a token gesture that is subject to whim and fancy.  So why would he lead his group away from their staunch pledge to force protective language for the unborn back in to Obamacare legislation? Perhaps the newly released information that just two days before the vote Stupak – like so many other legislators before him- received a special political deal from Team Obama. It seems that Stupak received federal airport grants totaling almost 3/4 of a million dollars just days before the vote. I guess Stupak managed to receive thirty pieces of silver in return for his groups vote. Since the US averages just over a million abortions per year – It looks like Stupak set the price of life at less than $1 per baby.



  1. These people have been a joke since this health care debacle started. If they get re-elected we deserve anything
    that happens. Sooner of later they will have to go home and
    face the voters that elected them.

  2. That is probably another reason for the leftwing fear-mongering. They hope to soften the blow by denigrating the Tea Party movements.

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