Posted by: thescoundrel | March 26, 2010

Anti-Tea Party Fear Mongering Rant

🙄 ………. 🙄

Phil Hare – fear-monger -hypocrite! Now on with the actual rant.

The recent fear-mongering by the Democrat Party, Mainstream media, even locally with the Quad City Times and Dispatch/Argus/QCOnline is an amazing display of hypocrisy.  I am not a Tea Party member but I have seen almost nothing but efforts to belittle the organization  by all of the previously mentioned organizations. Why that is so by what is supposed to be an unbiased media is beyond reasoning. The current uproar over what happened at the DC protest is further example of their methodology. First off they almost completely ignore the Tea Party protest event that was tens of thousands of unhappy people.  The little recognition they did receive was that “perhaps” someone in the crowd” may” have spit on a Congressman and that some “may” have hurled racial epithets. That may or may not be true. Even if it was true – instead of going after the offenders-  the media and the democrat party are using the isolated incidents as a way to paint the whole crowd as violent  ruffians and inflame hatred towards the whole Tea Party.  I suppose they were also responsible for the real life recent attack on a Republican legislators office. I suppose they were also responsible fro the man caught with a weapon during the 2008 campaign here in the Quad Cities that was trying to kill John McCain. The mainstream media managed to miss that story at the national levels. Meanwhile the the media has kept hidden in the very back corners of their journals the actual  violence perpetrated against Tea party members by Obama thugs and SEIU  members at the various town hall meetings that were held around the country. They were also busy blaming conservatives for attacks in Denver during the recent presidential campaign that turned out to be democrat sympathizers.  And perhaps the most evident case of media hypocrisy is- that while the media and democrat party are currently busy crucifying the complete Tea Party movement over what may or may not be verbal incidents perpetrated on various democrat members – the Democrat Party,  The Mainstream Media – even the local Quad City Times and The Dispatch/Argus/QCOnline managed to treat the previous eight years of Bush Derangement Syndrome as just an interesting cultural phenomenon.   Perhaps the best display of that hypocrisy was displayed by  poster benrush over on QCExaminers blog. He posted a Zombie Times  link to that Bush Derangement Syndrome where Democratic Presidential candidate and leftwing worshiped Senator John Kerry can be glibly suggesting killing Bush,  protesters hanging Bush in effigy, Bush Deranged carrying signs and wearing T-Shirts calling for violence against Bush. Meanwhile  the media, the Democrat party and Current and past Bush Deranged enablers just  ignored all that as simple protest. Still they villainize the whole Tea Party and the tens of thousand of protesters at DC for what may or may not have been committed by a handful of protesters in the lot. Their is a word for that – hypocrisy. Thank you benrush for the Zombie Times link.



  1. It’s all pomp and no circumstance. All the while they are degrading those who oppose their actions they fail to
    mention any facts to support their views. I just can’t
    believe so many many people are buying what they’re
    selling. Someone should start a count-down clock to
    when we become the United States of Europe

  2. One of the many things that frost my cookies is when leftwingers like Obama and Durbin say that
    any opposition to the wonderful Obamacare, the wonderful Obama and their wonderful leftwing agenda is just “politics”, discounting the fact that not only elected Republicans, but many of the rest of us who oppose these policies, have principled reasons for doing so.

    Too bad Durbin won’t be up for election for four years and Obama for two—these two need to go just as much as Hare does.

    I don’t know how much more of their leftwing agenda they will try to push through; some claim that Obama has used so much of his political capital ramming Obamacare down our throats that he doesn’t have much in reserve for amnesty, cap & tax, card check, etc.

    We’ll see—Pelosi was bragging that the path to obamacare (backroom deals, intimidation, payoffs, bribery, etc.) will be the path to future “reforms”.

    Oh goody.

  3. It is all politics – that is s politicians job. But the real travesty is where is the so called unbiased media during these episodes. Asleep at the wheel.

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