Posted by: thescoundrel | March 26, 2010

Derrek Lee Injured While Eating

In what was clearly a treacherous act perpetrated by either a St. Louis Cardinal or Chicago White Sox operative –> Derrek Lee was injured when a chair collapsed from underneath him, while he was eating. Early information is that Lee was not seriously injured from the evil deed designed to keep the Chicago Cubs star First Baseman from playing the 2010 MLB season. Should the injury turnout more serious I am sure that spin doctors from the rival baseball teams shall attempt to pass the injury off as, just another in a long history of bizarre injuries happening to star Cub players such as, the Soriano -hop, the Sosa -sneeze and the Zambrano -e-mail injury! The overall historical strangeness of Star Cub player injuries continues to look like a decades long conspiracy of treacherous acts committed by rival teams or perhaps another Billy Goat Curse. This conspiracy surely needs further investigation and it should be examined in detail by MN Governor Jesse “The Body” Ventura on his television show Conspiracy Theory!


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