Posted by: thescoundrel | March 30, 2010

The Mute Media Double Standard Remains

The media stays locked on possible transgressions by individuals mixed in with the Tea Party protest in Washington DC. Individuals from the left use the mainstream media in attempts to discredit the whole Tea Party movement by “possible” actions of one or two people in a crowd of thousands. Granted any person that hurled racial slurs at the protest should be made face the public, but the leftwing is more interested trying to smear the Tea Party through mainstream media outlets. Meanwhile the media continues its double standard of attacking the Tea Party movement while ignoring the actions of leftwing antagonists.  Once again the Tea Party movement is harassed verbally and physically while the media stays silent. And except for the Internet – no one might never have known that some  Harry Reid supporters threaten an onlooker with violence and gleefully pelted the Tea Party caravan with eggs in Searchlight Nevada. The double standard Silent Media remains mute!



  1. So, Scoundrel, how are you planning to celebrate Confederate History Month?

  2. Why do you ask? You have some big shindigs planned for the event? It is not my cup of tea but I am sure some of the Bush Deranged Democrats I know would be more than willing to party on. They might even have some moonshine for the event.

    I do not have any Confederate History celebrations listed in my appointment book. Perhaps IFC will replay Spike Lee’s “C.S.A.”. I have already seen it once this year but I don’t mind watching interesting movies repetitively. That was a well made movie to remind all USAmericans where we might be but for the sacrifices of several hundred thousand American soldiers and the north overcoming some early piss-poor Union military leadership and numerous northern politicians willing to sell out the nation to avoid the bloodshed of war.

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