Posted by: thescoundrel | April 1, 2010

The Quad City Times Thinks Pink

Back around Christmas, the Quad  City Times editing staff was caught with their pants down – when a feelgood story included an interview with a man named,  Heywood Jablomie.  😆 –>Evidently the editing staff is still asleep at the wheel. In another feelgood pictorial where they are promoting the local Roller Derby team, they posted the picture of one of the Derby Girls, along with her entertainment name of – Pink Taco. The Quad City Times editing staff must be seeking recognition on the FAIL blog.



  1. I gotta admit, the “pink taco” thing was a new one on me. Although I had my guesses, I conferred with Mr. Google, who informed me Pink Taco is a chain of Mexican restaurants in the southwest—oh yeah, and the other thing, too.

    We have our own risque named eating places here—like the hot dog joint in Silvis—Doggie Styles. 🙂

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