Posted by: thescoundrel | April 16, 2010

The Obama Top Secret Mars Strategy Unveiled

After first killing any  return space travel to the moon, while eviscerating the manned space travel budget of NASA — Barack Obama  has now turned around and boldly projected that the US will explore Mars in our lifetime. Using my almost psychic remote-viewing abilities   😉   I was able to tap into the minds of Obama advisers and glean the new Obama reduced cost strategy for his planned expedition to the planet Mars. The following superduper top secret image was picked from the brain of an unknown unconfirmed adviser of Team Obama 😯  —>

Obama Mars Strategy - Hitching a Ride



  1. At least your schematic makes sense because the Mars plan
    doesn’t. I’ve always found it’s hard to go anywhere without
    money but perhaps he has a plan to have all the unemplyed voluteer to keep costs down.

  2. I think Obama (as well as his predecessor Bush) is totally lost in space when it comes to the space program. They both talked a big game – but neither has the heart for the game.

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