Posted by: thescoundrel | April 26, 2010

Everything Old is New News Today

No Big New News Surprises!

Team Obama continued its dump on Israelis exploits to include–> his National Security Advisor telling stereotypical Jews Jokes at a speaking engagement. And the joke wasn’t even funny.  Team Obama can add their administration to a long list of  Democrat Party Members that have publicly trashed the Jewish community with stereotypical humor.

New York City has once again proven its renowned status has a huge City with a tiny-tiny heart. According to a NY Times story, on Sunday morning, a man actually attempting to assist a woman in peril – fell to the sidewalk after being stabbed by her attacker. The always vigilant and compassionate NYC  public stumbled past as they left the man laying to die on the sidewalk for over an hour, before someone actually checked on his condition.

😦  New Day, New Year same news. Everything old is new News today. 😦


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