Posted by: thescoundrel | May 2, 2010

Reality Strikes- Car Bomb Found In Times Square

In what looks like there has been another attempted act of jihadist terrorism in New York City- Police were called to the scene of a suspicious looking car emitting smoke, located near Times Square. The police assume they have found a failed car bomb created from gasoline and propane designed to be set off electronically. The information I read was sketchy as the police were still looking for an individual that had run from the scene. The probable car bomb was described as similar to ones used in London attacks by Islamic Jihadists. The ones in London also used shrapnel such as nails to enhance possible collateral damage. There was no mention -either yes or no- of any nails or shrapnel material being found in the Times Square vehicle.

What makes the Jihadist car bomb possibility so believable is, that it is no secret that damaging any high profile target in NYC – is very  high on the Islamic Terrorist wish list.  I guess it is now a waiting game. First the police will have to acknowledge it was a genuine car bomb. If they do confirm it, then it is a matter of either the police to catch the attempted bomber and/or confession of the individual or group responsible.

I guess sometime, reality bites! Team Obama, in a stupid is as stupid does moment,  has been busy using the media to paint the Tea Party protesters and anyone else, that objects to his personal leftist agenda, as thugs and potential terrorists. Meanwhile, the violence to date has been perpetrated by Obama zealots -like his SEIU Union thugs- trying to destroy the Tea party movement, enabling out to sanctuary illegal aliens from expulsion and radicals seeking to force their global warming/green agendas on the whole world. Perhaps this will be a wake-up call for Team Obama. Perhaps he will stop his cry-wolf attacks against the Tea Party and those that oppose his far left agenda. Perhaps he will quit playing political rhetoric games and address the real terrorists. As the real bad guys – are still out in the real world trying to create terror.

More on the suspected car bomb.


Despite early US rejection of the claim accepting responsibility for the attempted car bombing of Time Square,  by a Pakistani terror group- it is being reported by some media sources that the current person of interest is a naturalized American citizen that spent time in Pakistan and has been in recent contact with individuals within Pakistan.

The AP is reporting that a Pakistani male suspect wanted in connection to the Times Square car bomb has been arrested attempting to leave the US, at JFK Airport in NY.



  1. What I think is cool about this thwarted attack is that it wasn’t any of the many-layered governmental entities who discovered this bomb, it was a T-shirt street vendor. No taxpayer dollars were spent on his sharp eye and civic activism, but he was 10x more effective.

    Once again, capitalism saves the day!

  2. The vendor deserves huge credit for being vigilant. This was a case of terrorist low-tech displays just how easily our high tech protection can fail against simple attacks. If not for the incompetence of the would-be bomber and the vigilance of your average Joe USAmerican this attack could have had deadly results. A couple of things have been added since I first posted. Evidently there was some possible fertilizer packaged into the car to increase the volume of the explosion. There has been at least one Pakistani terror group taking claim for the event. Plus the vehicle was evidently parked near the Comedy Central studio that produces the Southpark cartoon show.

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