Posted by: thescoundrel | May 3, 2010

Pelosi Caught Lying – Again

If Galaxian aliens landed on the planet and started taking over the world the immediate words to describe the problem by  Team Obama and the Democratic Congress would be —>Blame Bush – Blame Bush – Blame Bush! It has become the duplicitous  mantra of the Democrat Party. The Democratic Congress uses the mantra whenever they are looking for votes and/or seeking to deflect media and/or public attention from their own shortcomings and questionable legislative  actions. In the most recent case Nancy Pelosi tried to place the blame of the current economic crisis completely at the feet of GW Bush. While there is no doubt that Bush had his part in much of the current economic mess – he was not alone in his spending frenzy. According to a story by Jim Hoft, Pelosi also took it upon herself to play the Bush Blame card by saying he had tried to hide the financial crisis. Strange, as historical records show that Bush was on record numerous times, including long after the Democrats had secured control of Congress from the Republicans,  begging both Republicans and Democrats to work on fixing the growing financial problems. But the Democrats and Republicans in Congress were to busy playing “King of the Hill” politics to actually address any problems. I am guessing at the rate of lies and deception by Pelosi, she might have to look in to keeping a plastic surgeon on quick call to keep her nose trimmed.


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