Posted by: thescoundrel | May 4, 2010

State of Illinois – Addicted to Other Peoples Money

I don’t smoke, never have. I do not use any tobacco products. I do find some pipe tobacco and cigar scents pleasing from a distance- but up close I cannot stand the smell of any burning tobacco. I literally hate being caught in a room filled with people smoking. Many people feel the same way. I am guessing that is why government, like the State of Illinois, feels that they can stick their hands in the pockets of smokers to steal money, everytime legislators get in a financial crisis.

It is no secret that the State of Illinois is in deep doo-doo financially. They have pork-funded, ear-marked and buried the budget with nepotistic spending practices until they cannot even pretend to be able to pay the State’s bills. As I mentioned in previous posts – this cavalier approach to paying the States bills has created a situation, where sick people dependent on State funding are already facing loss of medical providers.   So instead of actually trying to address spending habits, the State legislators are looking to increase revenue. One way the legislators are looking for increased revenue, as reported over on QCOnline, is that the State of Illinois is considering jumping the tax revenue on cigarettes a dollar per pack. Basically what the State is considering is making a few people pay (in this case smokers) to fund part of those pork projects, ear-marks and friends/relatives badly in need of a paycheck. It sounds like a screw job to me- where people addicted to the habit of smoking are now being asked to  fund the addicted habit of the Illinois legislation – spending other peoples money.

I dearly wish smokers would all just throw away their tobacco products  (I am sure many of them wish I would quit eating beans, onions and garlic- especially when I am sweating)- but sticking a gun in their face and unfairly robbing them of their paychecks, to pay for the even nastier State Legislators addicted habit of spending other peoples money, is just wrong. It seems to me that the smokers should all band together and sue the Federal Government and the State of Illinois for extortion, persecution and whatever else they can think of suing the rat-bastard  legislators over. It is high time the legislators of the State of Illinois learned to balance a budget instead of stealing other peoples money to finance their legislative  fantasies.



  1. You are so right about our weaselly legislators trying to stop the red-ink gusher with an even heftier sin tax on cigs, rather than do the hard work of figuring how to live within our means.

    As the commenters in the QCO article said, if they raise the cig tax—they’ll just go to Iowa for cigs AND gas.

    I was out driving yesterday and there was a radio campaign ad for some guy running for Iowa GOP governor (I think his name is Roberts). He was sounding the alarm about how their government spending was out of control and if it wasn’t stopped, they could have a deficit of A BILLION DOLLARS sometime in the near future.

    What a hoot—$1B is chump change in Illinois!

  2. It makes you wonder –>How long until we see riots in Illinois & the rest of the USA similar to those in Greece.

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