Posted by: thescoundrel | May 4, 2010

The United Nations – Fail

Once again the United Nations has displayed why it is an organization not to be taken seriously. According to a Hot Air post by AllahPundit, The UN members have elected Iran to sit a four year term on the UN’s Commission on the Status of Women. That is the UN group that is supposed to be looking out for women’s rights. Perhaps they elected a different Iran than the country that claims it has no homosexuals (since they hang known homosexuals, I suppose it could eventually be true), a different Iran than the country that refuses hospital treatment to improperly dressed women, a different Iran than  the country that beats and arrests women for crimes of immodesty and stones women to death over accusations of adultery. Perhaps there is another Iran on my world map. Nope, it seems that there is only one Iran.  Only one Iran, is probably a good thing for the rest of the world. It does make you ask -What was the UN thinking on this appointment? The UN appointment of Iran can only belong on the Fail Blog! They continue to communicate what a failure the UN  organization has become.

I guess the only thing left to do is sing the Mach-Mood song.



  1. If the implications weren’t so scary, Mach-Mood’s playing Obama like a tune would be hilarious.

    Obama thought he was “leading by example” and being “transparent” by publishing the number of nukes we have—the “international community” just loves it when we do this sort of roll over and expose our soft belly stuff—but instead of getting hosannahs, Mach-Mood expressed skepticism and is now demanding a “neutral” source come in and count our nukes to verify Obama’s numbers.

    Obama is a buffoon, but unfortunately, not a funny one.

  2. Perhaps the US should consider restarting some above ground atomic testing – in Iran.

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