Posted by: thescoundrel | May 5, 2010

Gimme Gimme Gimme the Whole Nine Yards

Gimme-Gimme-Gimme the whole nine yards.

It belongs to me. I am entitled to have what I want, when I want-

It does not matter who tilled the land, planted the crop, nurtured the seedlings, harvested the crop – It is mine and I want mine now!

If you don’t have it – you better beg, borrow or steal that which I feel entitled to have.

Give me what I want or I will take what I want – by whatever means are at my disposal.

Gimme-Gimme-Gimme Mine Now! Give me until you bleed yourself dry!

And like a plague of locusts, when I have stripped the land of all it’s resources and the ground is left barren I will continue my march towards new and greener pastures.

Leaving a wasteland for any survivors.



  1. “Gimme-Gimme-Gimme Mine Now! reminds me of Examiner Jr. when he was little—fortunately, he outgrew it!

  2. Sadly some adults never grow up and like the Greeks in this riot – get violent when it the supplier will no longer deliver the free goods.

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