Posted by: thescoundrel | May 5, 2010

Return of the Hog Plant

Wow- has it really been five years since clashing opinions about a proposed hog plant being built in neighboring East Moline created raging turmoil in local Quad City  townhall meetings and on local Quad City Blogs? Granted former Governor Rod Blagojevich did not make the official  hog plant announcement until June of 2006 – but the battle over the pros and cons about the proposed 135-150 million dollar hog plant was already waging big time. It even managed to help cost one anti hog-plant dissident her job, as she used company equipment in the battle against the hog plant. After about two years of battling among residents,  local politicians and Triumph executives the construction of  the plant was was put on indefinite hold. Well – a Quad City Times article states that Triumph is back in planning mode for the the East Moline plant and seeking funding for the plant once again. Considering that the jobs market in the Quad City is still in the crapper -five years since the last plant proposal- you have to wonder will the fighting between rival factions return to past intense levels or will the plant just cruise-control into existence.



  1. Thodos supports your last sentence with this little gem:

    “. . . some of those who were opposed in the past are now looking for work.”

    Ain’t it the truth? We’re in a hella different place than we were five years ago.

  2. We were already in steep decline it has just gotten worse. But the local Democratic Politburo has lived in denial about the decline. I see it looks like some are on board – but they will still have to sell it to their rank and file members. That could be a difficult job. They were the most displeased about the idea in the last battle.

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