Posted by: thescoundrel | May 6, 2010

More Media and Congressional Hypocrisy

During the Bush Administration the Media and Congress went spastic trying to learn what Scooter Libby and Karl Rove did or did not know about leaked information resulting in the exposure of a CIA operative. The Congress held widely publicized investigations and the Mainstream Media feed the public daily/ nightly doses of the latest scandal and innuendo about the outing of a CIA operative.  The political fox hunt eventually lead to Libby’s receiving a federal conviction, a hefty fine and being disbarred from practicing law, though little jail time was actually served (supported by the Bush and Obama legal teams). I am not going to argue the evidence and/or merits of the Libby  trial. Like most political events – the events surrounding the trial will be discussed, argued and spun by professional historians seeking to temper their standing as significant scholars. But I do ask, where has all that passionate  rage -among the Media and Congress- towards those that would play political games with our intelligence agents ability to perform their spy games.

Why has there been such dead silence from those self-appointed Media and Congressional watchdogs previously seeking to nail Rove and Libby to the cross – during the latest spy scandal outings! Why is it – those same Big Game Hunters have not been all over the scandal involving ACLU lawyers apparently hiring investigators to obtain pictures of CIA agents involved in interrogating terrorist suspects to turn over to the terrorist defense teams. Evidently some of these agents pictures were later found in the jail cell of Al Qaeda terror suspects. Where is that same outrage towards the ACLU and Terrorist defense lawyers that the Media and Congress trackers used to hunt down Libby? It is not a new case. The outing of US intelligence officers by the ACLU was already an issue back in 2009.  Where are those same highly publicized Congressional investigations and the Mainstream Media Circus demanding justice for the outing of not one,  but the outing of multiple intelligence officers by the ACLU? Can you smell the media and congressional hypocrisy!


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