Posted by: thescoundrel | May 6, 2010

Stupid is as Stupid Does – Illinois Legislators

Stupid is as stupid does. And stupid is alive and well among the legislation of the State of Illinois! The State of Illinois has been bleeding jobs since long before many in the current workforce were old enough to weaned from their mama’s teat. Yet once again, lead by numbnut legislators from Chicago, our Illinois legislators seek to run more jobs out of the State, while also trampling on the US Constitution. It seems that State Representative, Democrat Edward Acevedo has revived a bill seeking to ban the building, selling and owning of semi-automatic weapons in the State of Illinois. The previous attempt at assaulting the Second Amendment  rights of the citizens of Illinois, by the Illinois Legislation,  resulted in the loss of at least one company packing up and moving to Iowa.  The clueless Acevedo claims by his trampling on the Second Amendment, he is going to make the streets of Chicago safer. QCExaminer’s analysis about the proposed amendment is spot on –>“I’m not exactly a gun expert, but from what I can discern, none of these manufacturers produce cheap Saturday Night Special type guns—all are high end weaponry not favored by—or in the price range of the Chicago homies.” In reality, all his legislation would do is make it easier for criminals to run rampant all over the State. And more importantly it is not his decision to make. The Second Amendment of the Constitution guarantees the citizens of the US, the right to bear arms for the protection of self and country. But legislators like Acevedo would prefer that the average citizen be offered no protection from criminal elements or invaders seeking to steal our freedom. Like our Congressman -Phil Hare- in Washington DC,  it seems that many in the State of Illinois legislation do not care about the Constitution, except in whatever way they can twist it to serve personal and professional agendas.



  1. They just don’t get it—the liberals who run Illinois are hell-bent on killing the goose that laid the “social justice” egg—and the public employee union egg—which are the DEMOCRAT eggs!

    Sheesh! Dumbassery on steroids.

  2. Oops! Forgot to thank you for the linky-love!

  3. Your Welcome. The State is running out of companies to fund their Socialist agenda.

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