Posted by: thescoundrel | May 7, 2010

The Sounds of Silence

The last of the US Navy Seals wrongfully put on trial –> has been found not guilty, just as his predecessors. These military men  were  robustly accused of brutality to a captured Iraqi terrorist and  savagely persecuted by leftwing howlers and relentlessly hassled by the Obama worshiping  mainstream media. The Bush Deranged  Howlers along with their lapdog media were looking for someone, anyone that they could prosecute and persecute as a symbol against George Bush and the Iraq War . Those quick to convict the men even tried to get them to plead out and avoid any kind of a trial. The mob was not interested in justice or even to know if the men were guilty – they just wanted blood! The Seals chose to stand and fight their accuser and the lynch-mobs seeking to persecute them. Now that they have all been exonerated – the silence from the accusers is deafening! Where are all the mea culpas from those pundits and the mainstream media seeking to lynch the accused without a trial! I suspect some of the media will run a mea culpa story hidden in some darkened attic corner of their periodical near the classified sections. But mostly all we will hear are the sounds of silence.



  1. Maybe one of the pluses of having a leftwinger as Commander in Chief is that these sort of frivolous get-the-military lawsuits will end. Like you, I always got the feeling these were done to somehow embarrass GWB.

  2. The Bush Deranged are like a rabid animal – biting at whatever they can get their teeth on.

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