Posted by: thescoundrel | May 9, 2010

LA Politicians -Stupid is as Stupid Does

Generally speaking–> birds chirp, cats meow, pigs squeal, police squads flock to donut stands, politicians lie whenever they open their mouths and dogs bark. It is the nature of each beast. Now in Los Angeles – politicians seek to defy mother nature. It seems that they don’t like barking dogs. So they are going to fine dog owners whose pet dog barks interfere with the comfortable enjoyment of life or property. Chalk up a real genuine “Stupid is as  Stupid Does” moment for those LA politicians. There is a reason that dogs bark – it is how they communicate. When a dog barks – it either wants to go do his or her business, is hungry/thirsty, has noticed a possible danger or individual that does not belong on the home owners property. Unlike the drunk/stoner taking a leak on the owners property while attempting to sing 99 bottles of beer on the wall, unlike the kid with his sub woofer blowing out the window of the owners home as he is passing, unlike the clown with the motorcycle loud pipes who thinks it is entertainment to roar through the neighborhood at 3 A.M. – that the cops chuckle at rather than apprehend-  the barking dog is actually being of use  and displaying loyalty towards his or her owner and the neighborhood. I would suggest that the politicians seek to instead pluck the log from their own eyes by attempting to control the personal shortcomings of all politicians – the inability to be truthful- but like asking a dog not to bark, asking a politician to not lie- is against the laws of mother nature.


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