Posted by: thescoundrel | May 21, 2010

The Real Big Bad Wolf Strikes

How many times since the formation of the Tea Party have we seen either someone in the Democrat Party or Mainstream media create some doom and gloom fairy tale painting the Tea Party as some violent radical organization that US citizens should fear. Meanwhile back in the Real World, the real violence towards USAmerican citizens,  that continues to surface, comes from far leftwing groups and often ardent supporters of Barack Obama. And once again the Organization that has some of the closest political ties to Barack Obama has seen fit to terrorize an USAmerican citizen. SEIU, the Union organization critical to Obama’s election and a frequent White House visitor whose officials are constantly advising Team Obama –> decided to flood a personal residence of a USAmerican citizen and their children  with angry protesters  because they had a beef with the business for which he works. The owner of the residence, who had been out of the house, had to force his way through the angry SEIU thugs to get into his own  house, where his teenage son was hiding from the angry crowd that was busy using mob tactics to terrorize the occupants of the house. And SURPRISE –>once again the mainstream media is busy avoiding the story. They are evidently too busy creating more fantasy tales painting the Tea Party as the big bad wolf, while SEIU thugs have once again been busy, this time terrorizing children.



  1. Just goes to show that reporters, like public servants, are a thing of the past. The newscasts only show what sells ads,
    not necessarily what’s news.

  2. I guess this means when angry TEA Partiers rally and protest at The Philster’s house he’ll have no problem with it because, after all, his paymasters at SEIU did exactly the same thing.

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